Thursday, May 27, 2010

Understanding companions of tomato

caged tomato plant.
(an old photo)
with coleus, marigolds, ulam raja, radishes, and sunflower around it.
Tomato shoot still well within the cage.

the recent photo
Tomato shoot has emerged out of the cage.
The sunflower leaves at the far end had turned brown .
Coleus was trimmed down.

I really have a chance to look into the meaning of companion planting here. A caged tomato plant will enjoy the space rightfully belong to it. No other  plant  will get into it's space. Most plants shy away with obstacles and look for other possibilities and space. But these plants will learn to live with one another. The presence of each will affect the other.  It is said that marigolds encourage growth if planted near tomatoes, potatoes, strawberries, beans, and roses. And repel many insects like beetles and harmful nematodes in the ground.

Are they going to be really friendly with one another?



  1. I would say that the problem would be competition for the sun. From the first picture, it looks like the tomato would lose. However, from the second picture, I notice that you already removed some plants like the sunflower, marigolds on the right side and cut down the coleus to a non-competitve height. Good thinking! Now they can grow happily together but not until some plant had to give!

  2. What a beautiful grouping, your tomato is lucky to have such understanding companions.

  3. ~Helen Lewis
    I agree about competition for sunlight. I would put space for foliage and roots to grow and spread as another subsidiary competitive elements.

    ~Rebecca @ In The Garden
    Companions are never preplanned. Some has been there prior to tomato. They got to learn living with one another.


  4. The tomato is in the 'safest' place. I am sure the plant is going to be happy there. So the rest, are 'body guards'. I say, they are all happy where they are :-D

  5. ~Stephanie
    Thanks Steph. The bodyguards are big like "bouncers" at night clubs. But we never know, as the Malay proverb goes "harap pagar, pagar makan padi".

  6. I guess they would be friendly enough to each other. Plants do need some companions too. Have a great day!

  7. I set up a rain cover for tomatoes today,which is very popular method in Japan.The photos of cover is up on my blog.
    I hope the cover could prevent "gray mold".


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