Thursday, May 20, 2010

Winged beans: at four locations

Winged beans or kacang kelisa  are growing at four different locations in our little garden. Two of them are allowed to grow with trellis to climb on. The other two are left on the ground to fend themselves. It does sound cruel and mean not to provide that two with trellis. It the wild, nature never provide trellis in front of their eyes or shoots rather. They crawl and crawl until they find something to climb on. It is nice to see winged beans going through life in different surroundings, a domesticated version and almost wild version.

 Trellis 1
winged bean
At the vegetable bed in place of the old tomato plants recently pulled out. Currently neighboring the aging sunflowers with bending neck

each stalk holds 3 leaves.

Trellis 2
winged bean 
at the front of the house with painted bamboo trellis

On the ground 1
winged bean
on the bed with banana on one end 
and pineapple on the other

On the ground 2
 winged bean
just a tiny one, guarded by old coconut husks.

Winged beans will take quite some time before they start flowering. So very long, that one could just about to give up. The plant will wait until the foliage becomes so dense, that fruits or beans will develop within the shade of its foliage. Winged beans understand it well....



  1. Looks interesting! Good luck with them.

  2. i will like to see how the 'wild' beans grow, good experiment. Last year my trellis was not high enough so the wing beans climbed into the pepper bush instead. Very resourceful bean!

  3. Lovely post, and it will be very interesting to compare the 2 locations.

  4. I enjoy learning from you. How long before they flower?

  5. I have never in my life heard of winged beans, but then I'm rather ignorant about veggies. How do you prepare them to eat?

    Christine in Alaska

  6. Your ground 2 is so isolated but I think you must chosen a good location for the plant to grow well. Hope all the plants fluourish well and reward you with plenty of winged beans :-D

  7. I hope your efforts are rewarded by plenty of delicious vegetables!

  8. Once they start to grow well they will really flourish and soon you'll have endless supply of winged beans!

  9. Jeanne
    To see them growing is part of the whole fun about gardening.

    I have grown them wild before. But I didn't allow them to wander around by regular pruning and they end up like a little bush.

    Rebecca @ In The Garden
    The two, resemble a domesticated cat and a stray/wild cat. The wild beans will be straying...

    Poetic Shutterbug
    It will take a couple of months, until the foliage is dense enough for flowers and fruits to hide.


  10. ~Christine B.
    Winged beans are lovely as fresh salad and can be cooked and fried too..

    I may just let the location 2 as ornamental, pruning regularly to contain its spreading growth. Even that, it will still flowers and produces fruits.

    Winged beans are funny because they will keep growing to get to a dense foliage, then they blooms actively which end up as beans. It will be fun once it starts flowering.

    The last time we grew winged beans, the produce was more than what we can consumed!



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