Sunday, May 9, 2010

Kids helping the last of tomatoes.

children showing their harvest

I really have to let the tomato plants go. Yes, it's about getting old, leaves drying, speed up by the scorching heat.  There are swarms of aphids under the drying leaves. Like Vultures hovering around roadkill, aphids do exactly the same. Over million years of existence, aphids have perfected their sense of timing. Slightest indication of weakening plants, they hover and swarm like vultures. Nothing is wasted in nature.

So we decided to pull the plants, cut tomato plants into small pieces and put them in a plastic bag for the garbage lorry. The kids were around wondering what both of us were doing. They were more than  happy to help. Each went home with a plastic bag of young tomato for their mother. They quickly came back and told that their Moms said "thank you".  How sweet....  Then much later, a few mothers came around and chatted with Kakdah, about tomato, and other things ladies normally talk about.

So that's the last of our recent tomato plants. 
But I already planted 6 new tomato plants 
on other vegetable bed to let the ball rolling. 
So tomato lives!!!

bangchik and kakdah


  1. I bet those sweet children were happy help you! Good luck with your new tomato plants!

  2. You both were being very neighbourly and I'm sure enjoyed seeing the children help you both in the garden. They sure seemed really happy with their little bags.

  3. This is so interesting, since our tomatoes are just gearing up. And how wonderful for the kids to share all this with you.

  4. The tomato plants are short lived, but they have played their role and contributed to you.

  5. What cute helpers you had. I bet their moms were happy for fresh tomatoes. Good luck with your next round of tomato plants. I'm going to plant ours tomorrow.

  6. I wish we could plant tomatoes in shifts!
    Love the pictures of kids!

  7. It's very kind of you to bring joy to the kids and their moms by sharing your tomatoes, Bang Chik & Kak Dah. I can see those happiness beaming from the smiles on the children's faces. It's a good lesson on generosity for these children too.

  8. So lovely and cute! You are very generous! I don't have anything to share right now :(

  9. ~Katarina
    Kids generally are very helpful, especially doing something new. Picking tomato must be a life time experience to some of them.

    Their normal playtime is around 6pm... Stopping by just to see what bangchik and kakdah doing is normal to these kids. At least it is a greeting as they pass through cycling.....

    It will my turn soon to peep into your blog whenever tomato decide to flower and bear fruits.

    They really are shortlived... The fun part is to see them growing.., fruiting is the final FUN as many FUN emerge with new shoots and flowers.


  10. ~Catherine@AGardenerinProgress
    Growing tomato is like relay sprint 4x100 meter. One runner passes baton to the next. Now the next runner is picking up speed.... Good luck to your tomato. Hopefully they will set in well..

    You can still grow them in shifts, by germinating them at interval of one week... Then you have prolonged tomato season!

    Hopefully they grow up being generous. I think they will learn about playing with dirt to get something beautiful!!

    At least you can share the beauty and extra oxygen released by your plants...

    Cheers, have a great weekend everyone.

  11. We haven't even planted our first tomato seedlings out yet - it's too chilly here. How nice of you to share your love of gardening and your produce with neighbor children and their families. Good luck with your fresh, new crop of plants!

  12. ~garden girl
    Thanks. You may think that gardening here is safe all year round. We in fact have to get round problems with excessive heat and heavy rainfall which hurt plants especially sensitive and leafy vegetables. Yes, generally there is no real full stop to gardening... So tomato lives through the next 6 plants!!

  13. What a wonderful little vignette!

  14. ~Just Jenn
    Thanks... I am now learning a new word "vignette"!


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