Saturday, May 22, 2010

New tomato plants: new concept

the cage and the tomato plant 
viewed from the top

the stem is gaining strength

the plant within the cage

A view from the porch.

A new set, six of them.., the new tomato plants to replace those just pulled out on the other vegetable bed. This plot is very close to the walkway, and a little bit to the right of the porch. I have prepared the cage months ago. Now it is placed right on the bed, protecting the tomato plant, giving it a room to grow and at the same time controlling the growth of marigolds nearby. The other 5 are not caged yet. They have to wait for their turn I guess, because my hands are tight and my time is limited.  Little flower buds are emerging already.

My little vegetable garden thrives 
within that constraints;  my hands and my time.



  1. The cage looks like it will do the job perfectly! Your vegetable garden looks very neat and tidy.

  2. Nice tidy space for the vegetables! Hope the tomato grows well.

  3. Those stems sure look sturdy and healthy. I like that view from the porch. It's so exciting to watch them grow.

  4. I love youe tomato cage, Bangchik! I haven't decided yet what to use instead of my old tomato stakes and wire cages. I need something sturdy and not ugly at the same time.

  5. Thats just perfect - what a great idea - prefer this to garden canes anyday

  6. Lovely, the tomato plant looks so very well protected.

  7. It is a great way to power some tomato plants in the garden without damage, thanks for the idea!

  8. bang chik, buat sendiri ke 'cage' tu?

  9. Are you going to grow those tomatoes in a cage as a bush tomato?

  10. Nice cage, Bangchik! That's so neat.

  11. Thanks friends, bloggers and gardeners for your visits and comments.

    A stake will do to help tomato plant standing on its weak stem. But a cage provides an overall protection against running cat. I just put it on just for a change.

    I bought the wire mesh and tied it up myself. Its fun and push creativity to the test.



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