Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Kakdah Nursery in Tanah Merah

These are cuttings in polybags
at a cooler side of the house.

ixora growing in polybags. 
We took these babies from Rosiah's garden.

 cuttings in polybags

 more seedlings

 organic soil
 in bags
100 bags of organic soil.

It is all about an adventure into home gardening with a slight bend towards vegetable growing. Understandably my territory is vegetable gardening and Kakdah more into orchids and flowers. She enjoyed handling potted plants especially fluffing the soil, get rid of ants colony and put fertiliser.  Coming to a new house, very much naked and bare, gardening takes quite a time, effort and investment. But it is all worth it, even if we have to leave later like what we have gone through in Putrajaya. Anyway, what is so very permanent in this world.... Gardening is about an adventure, being closer together and what's most important is about getting closer to other inhabitants of the earth, the tribe of greens.

We germinated cuttings in large numbers. We purchased  100 bags of organic soil in . We always buy fertiliser in a 50kg bag. We have heaps of sand and soil. So, it does look like we are heading towards home-based  nursery business...... yeah, why not!

Bangchik and Kakdah
sebuah nurseri anak pokok, benih sayur, tanah dan baja di Tanah Merah?


  1. Good grief, you're so ambitious, I'm impressed! Good for you for not being afraid to start over with a new garden.

  2. It does indeed look like you're heading for a home nursery. Fantastic! Some people are born to garden...starting over does not bother them so much, just being able to put a seed, bulb, cutting into the soil and watch the first tiny leaves life, rebirth, brings such joy. I thank you for the suggestion of using okra in curry...and boiling whole and using in a salad.

  3. You are going to to busy but I'm sure you will have your garden looking great in no time.

  4. Salam bangchik/kakdah...
    ..ehem... banyaknya stok tanah organik...memang betol nurseri nih..hehe

  5. I enjoy reading about your veggies but with my new orchids I could use some of Kakdah's expertise! What a great nursery!

  6. Woah... nak buka kedai ke? Yes, why not? :))

  7. How wonderful. It looks like you are embarking into a new adventure in Tanah Merah. I was surprised to see a place called Tanah Merah in Kangaroo island.

  8. You are only getting started!

    Happy New Year Bangchik and Kakdah.

  9. Bangchik, thats a lot soil and seedlings in poly bags! New nursery coming up in Tanah Merah? Have fun gardening!

  10. It really looks like you're heading towards home nursery with so much seedling and soil!
    I think i had purchase that much of soil too in this 1-1/2year of living in my own house!

  11. It really is great that you are doing something that you love. Wish you success in your home nursery, perhaps one day we might just pop over to this nursery of yours!

  12. So many seedlings, and so many bags of soil!!

  13. I thought you were only kidding but looks like many think you are serious. Well, is the place called Tanah Merah because the soil is red? That explains why you are balancing it with black soil?

  14. ~Kim and Victoria
    It is quite a task to change the look of a naked compound.... I guess after a year, the look will change and mature...

    Gardening takes an hour before sun goes down, about the same time mothers walk down the street with their children.... a time to relax , enjoy and be together with your loved ones....

    Not too busy actually, just an effort to kill off an hour before sunset....

    Nampak macam nurseri... haha. boleh order online, kalau ada apa-apa yang teringin.

    Thanks janet.... About your new orchids, I guess plants are such predictable creatures that they only need water, air, nutrient and adequate amount of sunlight to bask...

    Macam kedai.... haha. I need a lot of plants to kill off the emptiness of my naked compound. Organic soil will be finished within a couple of months I think.. In fact by purchasing organic soil in bulk, I was given a discount of 30%, with free delivery!...


  15. Malay-Kadazan girl
    The whole idea is to green the garden... lawn, plants, veggies and pots. Quite surprising to see another Tanah Merah in Kangaroo Island. There is another Tanah Merah in Singapore. And in fact, when I was young, my grandmother mentioned the old name of Lumut (in Perak) as Tanah Merah also.

    Ocean Girl
    Yea you are right about "just started".... gardening has no finishing line... a no ending adventure.

    It is nice to have a good stock.., a lot cheaper!

    If you have space to keep, it is worthwhile to buy in bulk.., you get big discount, in my case 30% and free delivery.

    kitchen flavours
    do pop in... look around, buy plants and soils... later, when the compound is green. For now, it is really "tanah yang sangat merah"

    I let ambition and enthusiasm roam free....

    I am serious at least in gardening... but real nursery is an option... I am still exploring.
    The soil here is too clayey so the black loamy and sandy black soil will make it just right....

  16. We have one Tanah Merah in Kedah too, near my village...
    But really, you seem to be on another league here, with the amount of stuff you have... salute...

  17. With both your good skills and the wonderful climate there... I am sure plenty of beautiful flowers, bountiful harvest of fruits and vege are coming your way. Btw, you planning for a ixora hedge?

  18. Lrong
    I bought soil in bulk, so I dont have to travel every now and then to get them... and it is eye catching as well... haha. Tanah Merah is a simple name for a place.., like Air Hitam, Pasir Putih... Even Pantai Remis my hometown in Perak has its identical twin, Pantai Remis in Selangor.

    Rains refuse to stop, so vegetable gardening is reduced to the lowest gear, except for potted plants which are grinning now for our undivided attention. Ixora is going to be the hedge.... a little bit old fashion, yea?

  19. Bangchik, it's very encouraging to see you take the move to Kelantan in such a positive manner! Keep it up and I wish you garden will flourish well.

  20. JC... it is not about having green fingers. More of boiling red hot blood wanting to turn green!!.. We don't complain much where we stay..., as long as there is sun, water, soil and air... plants and people around us.


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