Monday, January 24, 2011

World garden blog carnival. Integrated Watering System.

Time rolled, events happened, and we moved along with the turn of events and time. In November last year, we shifted from Putrajaya to Taman Kota Harmoni , Tanah Merah Kelantan. The house is new, and the compound was completely bare when I came in.  Gardening demands a new approach here. We have to solve the issue of watering when ever we are not around.... sometimes for a week. Hence, integrated watering system has to be considered. And that is the focal point for World garden blog carnival hosted by fer of
Integrated Watering System
The year 2011 is a switch from manual watering using hose, to a fully automatic system. We asked and looked around and at the end met a full-time farmer, Wan Azuar from Wakaf Bata a few kilometers towards Machang. He was once a computer engineer working with NEC, but life was a little bit globe trotting he said. A week in Japan, a week in Dubai, two weeks in Malaysia and so on. After 10 years he quit to be a full-time farmer, growing chili and rock melons to support his family.We engaged him to help us with the new integrated watering system, which includes drips, weepers, sprays and sprinklers for potted plants, orchid house, vegetable bed and lawn.

100 gallon water tank and 1 horse-power pump

The main distribution pipe, with subsidiary pipes sending water to different sections. Walkway is not complete yet, I dont know how long will this one take at the current working rate of one hour a day...

 a timer,
to control number of waterings and duration of each.

Kakdah's new orchid house.
The orchids will be watered almost like mist with fine sprinklers.

Seven roselle blooming simultaneously.
Tanah Merah had been without rain for almost two weeks now.
They need water badly, so they get sprinkler sharing with lawn and papaya.

 ubi kemili
or popularly  known as ubi keling in Kelantan

 ulam raja

raised bed watering system
hot chili (chili padi) and a row lady's fingers just transplanted. 
red chili with drips, 
still at four leaves.
Gardening ahead.
Year 2011 will be the year for us to get used to  the new watering system. Some adjustment has to be made on where to garden, the vegetables, the schedule, and containers, with the new system. We are still assessing the performance of the system if it needs some adjustments and upgrade. I hope I can handle the new system well and enjoy gardening as much. It costs a little bit but it is a necessity for now.... and I am thinking how to capture rain water as source of water for the garden.

new year gardening resolutions

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at my little garden in japan

bangchik and kakdah
Taman Kota Harmoni, Tanah Merah Kelantan


  1. It's must be nice to have a watering system, like that you will have a lot a time to work in your garden.

  2. Hi!
    Your system looks great. If I ever get to have a big garden I certainly wish I can have something like it. It would be very helpful in the garden.
    Wish you the best luck with your projects in the starting year!

    And no worries, you can still input the link into the carnival, never too late!

  3. Im impressed Bangchik with your new garden technology. So modern yet such a neccesity! Now you can forget about watering your garden and can travel anywhere without worriying your plants dying of thrist back home. Congrats!

  4. Your irrigation system is quite nice...certain to help you out when you can't be home. Irrigation was a must have when I lived in was usually dry 10 months out of the irrigation no garden. I hope you find that this is a helpful solution for you!

  5. Irrigation can save a lot of time rather than doing it manually. Can use the time to do more productive things in the garden. But here we have such a very strict water restriction every summer. Not allowed to use th water hose everyday. Have to do it on alternate days. We just use watering cans.

  6. Bangchik, good luck on your new project. The system looks quite professional and you seem to be on your way to commercial gardening. Look forward to see your progress.

  7. Where do you bought your water irrigation set in Malaysia?

  8. See all the systems you have in your house, i wanna... pengsan! (impressed!!)

  9. Ellada
    I still enjoy watering plants manually, holding hose, spraying on them and checking on their growth, pests and weeds. The system helps when we are away....

    The system is about a pump, pumping water to plants. We can try small pumps used for aquarium, to deliver water to pots.... worth a try.

    Really a simple technology, it requires a 100 gallon tank, 1 hp pump, polypipes and little tubings. Number of points and distance will more or less determine the right size for tank and pump. It costs a bit, but not too much. Wanna give it a try?

    I hope it helps when I cant be home. But the system has to manned, checked regularly, for faults and leaks. Again, someone has to be around. I have talked with our neighbour about it. He is in fact a farmer, having 60 acres of oil palms. So irrigation system is nothing new to him.

    ~bangchik and kakdah

  10. Malay-Kadazan girl
    For now, the new system takes a lot of our time. When the pump is on, we have to check all the drips and sprinklers, adjusting as necessary. Kakdah is very particular about the mist in her orchid house. She keeps on adjusting.... Now, everything seems to be ok.

    Autumn Belle
    I really like to get involved with agriculture, large scale farming so to speak. This irrigation system for home garden is a starting point.... The dream is still very sketchy for now...

    The system is available in Tanah Merah. Pump , tank, pipes and all the little gadgets from a local hardware shop specialising in agriculture. Are you interested?

    The system is not sophisticated at all... very straight forward. I think the pump set in aquarium is more difficult.. haha. Thanks anyway, I do hope it works and helps us in a lot of ways...

    ~bangchik and kakdah

  11. Greetings from Southern California :-)

    I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You, ~Ron

  12. It takes time to get a system set up, but not as much time as the watering all year does. Good luck on your new system. I hope to add some electronic timers to the greenhouses this year to free up my time for more fun and more fishing. Happy new Year!

  13. Bangchik from your explanation to p3chandan I think I got the idea on how you actually do it.. Quite a creative solution after all. Anyway I'm not currently in Malaysia right now but If I need to get these irrigation stuff I'll will definitely check back with you. Anyway Thanks!

    Ur welcome..

    I do hope the system works and helps. There will be updates. happy new year to you too. Happy Gardening....

    Of course, i can offer advice on things that i am familiar with. In a couple of weeks, i should have a full grasp of the whole setup.

    ~bangchik and kakdah

  15. I would like to try growing ulam raja in Japan... we like the taste of it very much... are the seeds sold in stores in Msia?

  16. Things are going well for you. That's great. The integrated watering system is really convenient and it does makes sense to save time and effort than doing it manually, especially if you are not around to water them for as long as a week!

  17. Lrong
    I have not seen ulam raja seeds sold anywhere in Malaysia. I do have a few seeds left. I may be able to send you some, provided custom requirement in Japan is alright for foreign seeds. Leave your address at

    kitchen flavours
    Yea, it saves time and helps when i need to travel. Being a die-hard home gardener, I may burden myself with other garden related chores with whatever time saved.. haha..

  18. It seems you have a lot of work ahead, challenging and exciting. I'm looking forward to reading about it and to seeing your orchids bloom. Yan

  19. I hope all this technology makes your gardening successful this year.

  20. Teh water system looks great! Your plants will enjoy good shower and drinks while you're away working!

  21. wow, that will be a wonderful thing to have in the garden! Everything will look better than ever.

  22. Impressive, Bangchik. Your dreams are realizing. If you did not shift to Tanah Merah, would all these changes have happened?

  23. That is very helpful in the garden. It saves a lot of time. You have a nice garden and the plants are looking good and healthy.

  24. This is good high class system. The hanging orchids reminds me of 1960s when i was young, my parents had those.

  25. Yan.
    Thanks for the visit.., I saw a few orchid buds forming already.

    Its challenging, fun and there are new things to be learned and shared.

    I have learn quick, before embarking on something bigger.... haha.

    The whole neighbourhood is checking on the progress of the new system!

    Yeap, you move and you are exposed to new things and opened to new opportunities...

    i have time to check the leaves, the buds, the blooms and the fruits...

    hanging orchids is Kakdah's dream...

    ~bangchik and kakdah

  26. CathJ
    Thanks, but the presuure is on me now. Everyone in neighbourhood is anxious to see how the project evolves... they want to see the first harvest!

  27. Hi Bangchik, KakDah,

    I had posted a question on your later post about the water irrigation system that you have installed. Now that I have read this post, I know how you get it installed. Is it ok if I ask how much does it cost to invest in this system? I am hoping to get a solution for my garden too.

  28. J.C.
    The whole cost depends so much on the size of garden and the number of drip points. But lets look at the basic first:-

    -100gallon tank ~130.
    -Pump 0.5 hp ~130
    -Timer 7days, 8settings ~ 40
    -accessories like tubes, drips etc depends on garden layout and number of plants, pots etc.

    Put a budget of 500 - 700, you will be safe for a start. It could be cheaper in your place...

    I dont think you want a rain free veggie house like mine.... thats different cost.


  29. Wow! It seems that the watering tank is really helping to efficiently hose down your vegetation. Also, your irrigation system will help you prevent soil consolidation. Anyway, are you still using this water tank?

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