Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fertigation Weekly: Looking for something different.

(Fertigasi Mingguan dari Tanah Merah Kelantan, Malaysia)

We change crops every season. A little bit of change will revitalise enthusiasm, keeping us on toes always . . Going for the same thing, same crop, same schedule, has every tendency to fall into complacency and boredom. Both of us decided on something really new. It is an area, we have not got any experience. So this is going to be another adventure that will take us into the technology behind gardening.... it is called FERTIGATION.  Now it is here in our Tanah Merah garden.

 picture 1
water and fertiliser drips into growing media slowly 

 picture 2
rows of white polybags, 48 of them altogether.

 picture 3
strong steel clips  are used to hold gi pipes together, and

 a view of the structure for fertigation project / projek fertigasi 
from the front door of our house in Tanah Merah.
 picture 4

 a view of the fertigation project / projek fertigasi from the front  road
 picture 5

another view of the fertigation project / projek fertigasi from the front  road
 picture 6

I intend to do weekly posts on fertigation to give updates, 
progress we are making, problems that crop up 
and the new frontier we would be 
breaking into..... 

The limiting factor of space alters the way urban gardeners handle gardening all round the world. Paul did a post on urban farming here Top 50 Urban Farming Blogs and my little vegetable garden blog is included too.  Fertigation is certainly a choice for urban gardeners.

We are interested to see how things go with fertigation, and I am sure many others, the practioners, the gardeners, and the would be gardeners (fertigator?) would love to see the details of fertigation.  It is now within our compound in Tanah Merah, Kelantan.

bangchik and kakdah
 fertigasi di laman rumah


  1. I'm very interested in knowing how the fertigation technology works for've gotten a very good start and I look forward to seeing the plants that you grow. Congratulations on your Urban Garden inclusion!

  2. This was a very interesting post. I like the process and the idea. The tent structure is so neat looking and all inside is so well organized.

  3. Thanks for sharing your new gardening adventure. Do keep us posted on its progress.

  4. This is very interesting Bangchik, you are doing that for your own garden or selling them?

  5. This is interesting. I see that you use sabut as a media. This system would come in really handy during the dry season which would be approaching soon.

  6. Very intereting post. And so you're telling us this is your house and not a nursery? LOL.

  7. Bangchik, this is very interesting indeed. Would love to know more on your fertigation project. You did a great job of setting it all up. Looking forward to see the process of it. Congrats for starting this and wish you success!

  8. Good references for drip irrigation... you are doing some really good work there...

  9. Very cool! Looking forward to your updates.

  10. I always wanted to do fertigation. I don't think it's that costly. However does yours use water tank or direct from the main pipe? I somehow reluctant having a water tank since it'll take a lot of space and cumbersome with so many gadgets/timers, etc... Anyway, thanks for sharing this journey of yours. I am excited to see what's coming and delighted in learning more from you.

  11. Thanks everyone for the encouraging comments. For the moment, I can only expect everything to go as planned. I never had any experience in this, therefore I cannot be giving tips for now.... The weekly post on fertigation will definitely be like a journal.... what I have to go through... I am prepared to go with it and learn along the way.


  12. Salam, what's the latest update on your fertigation project?

  13. Joe Ipin
    ~ we started of with two rows of okra / lady's fingers / bendi....good harvest. We also grew stevia, pakchoy, and malabar spinach. By the end of May we changed to chili centil, retaining a row of stevia from previous crop.

    Now chili has gone to the fifth month.... still growing. Soon we will be moving to Johor Bharu, leaving all system behind.

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