Sunday, January 9, 2011

A single pumpkin in the garden

I sow three pumpkin seeds, very calculative I might say. Only one seeds popped out and grow healthy, another one germinated but stayed small for weeks and eventually died. The third failed altogether, ended up as humus in the little pot. Pumpkin was introduced in here around the same time with other veggies; petola, bittergourds,

 (picture was taken on 20th of November 2010, pumpkin still in pot.)

Now the single pumpkin is beginning to provide shade to the new cow grass. Tendrils hang on the grass as anchor and grass in return love the temporary shade....... Then I noticed a group of bugs making pumpkin leaves as their temporary home. So far they hit the older leaves....., and I think I am about to get rid of them.

 A nice little fruit had emerged,

baby pumpkin viewed from the top

tendril just grab anything..

 tendril grabs grass

the bright yellow pumpkin flower

and I hope the baby pumpkin will stay and grow big.... 
and I don't mind if it grows as big as this


bangchik and kakdah
menanam labu atau pumpkin
Tanah Merah Kelantan


  1. those baby pumpkins give me hope for the year to come! It is dark and cold here still!

  2. Hopefully your pumpkin will grown quite large like the one in the picture! I'm sure you have delicious recipes to use it in!

  3. I love those little tendrils! Good luck raising your baby :)

  4. My gosh. That's one big pumpkin! (happy new year, Bangchik)

  5. Your pumpkin looks ok Bangchik. I just sown mine a few days ago, hope I have better luck this time. I dont mind to have that enormous pumpkin too!

  6. Love the tiny fruits as they form. Hope your pumpkin grows to be a big guy.
    Those tendrils are always so delicate looking and yet they are so strong.

  7. You gave me hopes hehe i will sow mine soon :)

  8. Hope the pumpkin grow very big. What a coincidance I sowed 3 seeds of pumpkin, 2 germinated but the birds pull it out from the soil.

  9. I'm thinking of pumpkin soup and pie! Hope you reap success.

  10. Matron
    It's cold there.. so now you can plan and visualise what's to come..

    I will be more than happy if it comes out well unscathed...

    Tendrils so useful, to anchor and yet so springy to play along with winds...

    Happy New Year too.... yes, it is big. I guess they use chainsaw to cut it...v

  11. p3chandan
    Good luck to your pumpkin. I was talking with a serious gardening friend recently, he said fruiting plant needs 8.00am - 11.00am sunlight to produce healthy fruits..

    yes, tendrils are amazing...

    I remember growing pumpkin once in Putrajaya. The plant grew well, crawling far for miles so to speak and yet no fruit... hope yours ok.

    Malay-Kadazan girl
    Coincidence indeed... Hope it will ok next time...

    Yea, kakdah would probably go for masak lemak labu...

    Cheers.... ~bangchik

  12. Baby pumpkin looking good...

    The big pumpkins... we have them here too... they are not for human consumption as they do not taste good... they are used for animal feed over here...

  13. Lrong
    I can imagine the the texture and taste of the big ones. We probably need a chainsaw type of teeth to eat them... no?

  14. Your litle pumpkin looks good! Hope they grow as big as in the pic!
    I have planted pumpkin before but unfortunately they never bear any fruits....

  15. Malar
    The plant is enjoying sunlight the whole day.... that could be the major contributing factor.

  16. BangChik~
    Hello :) been a silent reader all this while. Today i just have to say yr post gave me hopes on my pumpkin. I've been growing them but all the flowers just bloom and drop off... haha

  17. Complicated L0st So~uL
    Thanks...Keep trying, get better seeds, try different location.... etc

  18. HahaHA...I am looking forward to see your pumpkin, Bang Chik! It would be great if it grow to be as big as the one posted. Ha ha...cross my fingers, hope it happens!

  19. those baby pumpkins give me hope for the year to come! It is dark and cold here still!


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