Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ulam Raja, will it ever get to London

An email from a Malaysian residing in London, pulled me nearer to the bushy Ulam Raja. She asked for Ulam Raja seeds. I picked  fresh seeds, from the plant itself, packed and posted. I wonder if the marvelous Ulam Raja seeds ever get passed UK custom check. So far no words from her yet, so the seeds might still be on the way. 

This is the cluster of Ulam Raja with balsam and ubi kemili as companions. The rest are all dwarf with the towering Ulam Raja well over 6 feet.  The other day Izmar mentioned about pruning Ulam Raja to give its second lease of life. I haven't tried that with Ulam Raja. All this while, we let ulam raja get old, thin , dry up adn die, once they get to the last bit of blooming fiesta. I may just prune and see what happen, not until I have collected enough seeds.

Ulam Raja seeds

Fresh ulam raja seeds are real winners. I put a few in polybags, and all germinated. I am thinking of having a hedge of ulam raja on the left wing of the fence, squeezing as many as I can...

Ulam Raja seedlings 
ready to be transplanted along the fence

veggie as hedge?

bangchik and kakdah
Tanah Merah


  1. I sure hope the seeds make it to the UK. That is an iffy thing with customs I think but you never know. If she receives them it will be most wonderful that you picked them yourself. You've had great success with them in your own garden. They look great!

  2. I hope they make it, such a beautiful plant. I think a veggie hedge is a great idea, I have been considering one of corn. :)

  3. Veggie as a hedge sounds good to me! A very interesting plant is Ulam Raja! And 100% germination, fantastic!

  4. They can be great privacy hedge for your garden. I wanna see how neat they gonna be at your fence :)

  5. I sent some seeds to UK early this year like kacang panjang, peria and sunflowers, they did passed the quarantine which take a while.

  6. waa.. no wonder we called it as Ulam Raja.. now King will travell around the world!! i like.. sharing is caring.. ulam raja.. realy fast grow!!

  7. Hope Ulam Raja can make way to London. they will definately make a good hedge! 100% germination? Wow!

  8. Im thinking of that too Bangchik as hedges since they give out pretty pink blooms looking like cosmos (maybe same family?)..

  9. I usually turn a blind eye to sending seeds to fellow bloggers in other countries! It is just so good to share with people. Just a few small seeds in an envelope will go un-noticed.

  10. I am taking the day off, to do some errands. It's hot with no rain to cool things down. Faudzi sent sms equating gardening to modern term "transformational". WanZul on the other hand, grinned happily on media blitz with him as the central figure.

    Today, we did giveaway bonanza, with 6 healthy looking pokok sambung nyawa or gynura procumbens to six friends coming to our home.... and two hours later a group of local university students coming round for roselle seeds. Kakdah gave twenty roselle seeds and about 10 seedlings. They are doing entrepreneurial research work on roselle.


    ~tina : I think she, the Malaysian Londoner must be fairly homesick, having ulam raja in her greenhouse will rekindle memories of their family get together with ulam raja as salad. I hope the packet reach her.

    ~Rebecca @ In The Garden: I suppose any plant can stand in as hedge. Vegetables are quite ornamental. Huh, corn will be towering...

    ~Theanne and Baron: Fresh seeds should achieve 100%. The other day I tried fresh Malabar spinach seeds, also 100% .

    I need hedge as a screen, for a little privacy. Who knows, we want to be like young couple basking under summer morning sun(?) on garden mat... aha.

    ~Malay-Kadazan girl:
    A few months ago, I sent seeds to Hong Kong... It was alright. I hope UK custom check let the packet through.

  11. ~ rashid
    Yeap... like a king, travelling by plane to London! "Sharing is caring" you hit right.... On my part is the drive for a greener world. We don't need media hype costing millions just to tell people "eh, grow some plants". It's like corporate social responsibility.., CSR, to make it sounds grand!

    fresh seeds always do that,just a splash of water wake them up from genetic hibernation.

    They should be Ok as hedge, so green when young, and so colourful when they bloom.

    Like rashid said, sharing is caring..., at least we care for a greener world. I hope custom office appreciate that...

  12. I hope the seeds make it Bangchik, they are lucky because seeds are not allowed to be posted to Australia. That is a new plant for me, looks very dramatic. cheers, catmint

    1. 2011fairdinkumseedsMay 06, 2012 10:49 PM

      Contrary to popular most plants ARE allowed through customs in Australia as long as they are marked with the latin name and not pest species or disease risk(soil or bugs in the pack). My wife and I are currently seeking this plant. We are small scale seed and plant sellers from Australia.(mostly just Ebay listings). We currently have 55 different varieties of plant for sale on Ebay and would be willing trade any of them for some seed from "Cosmos Cauldatus". We sell most of our items on ebay at http://myworld.ebay.com.au/2011fairdinkumseeds
      if you want to have a look at what we have on offer.
      If you have some seed from this plant or anything else that Im not currently selling please contact me to arrange a sale/trade/swap/barter.

  13. catmint
    Being an island, Australia has every reason to control incoming plants, so that the delicate balance of ecosystem will not be disturbed. Ulam raja is always a beauty, not only on looks, on taste as well.


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