Sunday, April 17, 2011

Roselle getting rid of old leaves.

Old leaves will fall. It is a standard thing with most plants. Our roselle is coming to that stage. Old leaves get brownish with holes every where, probably eaten by grasshoppers or bugs. It is during such time that Red bugs ( red cotton bug, scientific name: Dysdercus cingulatus, thanks to Andrea) will come and colonise the whole place. I am just guessing, they are here for the fruits, or they really are here as the angel of death, for the final kill. I don't think our roselle are ready to die.

They are now busy with new shoots to replace the dying leaves. Roselle must be thinking.., "Oh well, life must go one. Not yet angel of death!"

Old leaves, battered badly, about to fall off.

New shoots, new branches for roselle to continue living.

roselle, new shoots

Roselle are coming to a new phase, new branches and new set of leaves. I might cut off some shoots, to allow plants continue growing healthily without unnecessary stresses. I don't think the plant can support too many branches, not only on the weight but the ability to absorb nutrients, manufacture food for every parts to live on.  I am looking through the eyes of a gardener who has 7 plants to look after. Just wonder what farmers with acres of roselle would do....

This is the phase, roselle will lose most of its charm, on symmetry, balance, and beauty. But I will let them go on for a few harvests more, with deliberate pruning.....

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  1. Roselles are really gorgeous plants - the red is beauty in itself. have not planted any tho - fight for space in the garden:(

  2. Yang tumbuh hilang berganti - is that correct? Or something like that.

  3. That was what happened to the leaves of my long bean. So I plucked each and every one of them and walla...all new shoots came out and lots of blooms after that!

  4. Keats The Sunshine Girl
    It doesn't take much of a space, just like a hibiscus.


    Leaves will take much longer to drop by themselves. Old leaves somehow attract host of pests, you have done something very decent.

  5. Roselle is really pretty plant! I should prune my single roselle plant! Anyway it's ageing now i guess!
    My family just love the juices!

  6. You are welcome Bangchik! All things follow certain stages, like life! I am really amazed at the stem colors of roselle, even if they dont give fruits their stems are already enough to be an ornamental plant. How beautiful.

  7. Malar
    We can make them stay longer by pruning..

    Roselle is as beautiful as its name..


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