Monday, April 25, 2011

Veggie Updates: lettuce, pak choy, and the rest.

Pak Choy still in tiny pots.
Pak Choy is relatively easy a veggie to grow, that they germinate quick, in chorus, as if the seeds agree among themselve to wake up with preset alarm clock.  Putting two or three granular organic fertiliser help the tiny seedlings to strengthen the stem and roots. Yesterday, all of them were transfered to bigger pots.
Sowing:  10 April 2011 
Germinating: 14th of April 2011   - (first pair of leaves)
Transplanting: 23th of April 2011 - (second pair of leaves)

Pak Choy
a row of pak choy at the verandah

pak choy in red pot
pak choy in black pot

Lettuce in  long container, 4 each

Five lettuce in white pots

Lettuce is an achievement. Luck was not always with me, all this while. Once, they had germinated well, but somewhere along the way dried up and died. Not this time..., extra care was taken to ensure that, they survive to the end....... Not many, just 8 in two long container and 5 in medium size white pots, so 13 altogether. Somehow lettuce has biological clock identical to Pak Choy, they germinated at the same time and the timing of new leaves emerging is identical too.

Sowing:  10 April 2011 
Germinating: 14th of April 2011   - (first pair of leaves)
Transplanting: 23th of April 2011 - (second pair of leaves)

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  1. Lettuce and pak choy looking very good! Happy about success with lettuce!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Everything is looking great! It's neat how your lettuce is turning in - mine is just flopping.


  4. If i am in your area Bangchik I would love to visit your garden. It is very impressive and professionally done

  5. My 1st time with Pak choi was 100% successful! Never planted Lettuce before.
    How Kak Dah cook with Lettuce?

  6. My previous batch of lettuce took 3 months to germinate. This time, no shadow yet :(

  7. bang chik... bila dah dlm pasu mcm tu dah tak payah alih lagi ye... biar je sampai dia besar + tuai...

  8. yr lettuce had been a living evidence for yr premiership. Keep it up!

  9. Lettuce don't need deep containers. They can even grow big in instant noodle cup. All those baby seedlings look happy in your tender loving care.

  10. I love pak choi and now that you have explained how easy it is, my only excuse for not growing it is laziness. Thanks for this inspiring post.

  11. ~Theanne and Baron
    Thanks...pak choy a little too many, but its alright, knowing some might find the exit door too early. yea, happy with lettuce.

    Too many factors why veggies grow or fail. We are not very methodical and clinical like PhD researcher, so a bit of failure is acceptable....

    You are most welcome... agro tourism. Kakdah can arrange for bed and breakfast!.. :)

    lettuce taken raw as salad. I am not always lucky with lettuce. The worst when none germinated, all turned into humus :)

  12. ~milka
    mysterious lettuce! You never know when they want to wake up.

    baru alih dari bekas kecil ke pasu 4 inci. Malas nak alih-alih lagi dah.

    You chose such a big word "premiership". Bottomline is getting involved, get in, absorbed, immersed... something like "buying-in".

    ~Malay-Kadazan girl
    Huh, sufficient with maggie cup?...I should have placed all of them in a container!

    like malaykadazangirl said, they can just grow big in instant noodle cup. Easy.


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