Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bongor over in Gua Musang, and Cameron Highland

 Gua Musang R&R is a nice stop-over, on the way to the highland. It has everything, restaurants, petrol station, toilet, surau, playground for kids and ample parking lots. Nasi Sup there is wualla! We went up to Cameron Highland the other day, to view at the marvelous vegetable growing there and to pop in at Selvaraja Agro Shop.... No ladies, two cars, all men.

The big Bongor tree at Gua Musang R and R is flowering. I have seen it before in Pahang and Negeri Sembilan. To see it blooming is a real treat. light purple everywhere. Just to be sure, I asked the gardener there, he said YES!!, Its Bongor alright.

bongor flowers

Small insects hovering around. Kelulut i think.

Single bongor flower, among buds
A brief stop at Selvaraja shop was interesting. The shop has everything about agriculture, gardening, farming, agro tech, fertigation, whatever that effectively make land greener. He is the MAN!, able to handle many customers at the same time. There is something in him that puts him as THE man among boys. I saw one customer paying 3 thousands ringgit. Another one paid 2 thousand RM. Every customer was entertained well. We didn't venture too far into Cameron Highland, just a glimpse, to feel the cool weather, the going ons, the farming and the business that wrap everything in dollar notes.

Lojing, Cameron Highland sister was just launched with royal touch

open vegetable farming, very intensive

Rumah Kalis Hujan - where vegetables are grown free from rain

a spot at Kampung Raja

a vegetable outlet

a lady with "any three for RM5"

In the old days, Kelantanese would go up through Tapah. Now the route is much shorter with the completion of Lojing road. Alas, Lojing is too scary with environmental scars. I hope the scars will heal soon, as intensive vegetable farming set in and put green back to the spoiled environment.At the end I brought home "any three veggie for RM5", and a few gadgets for the little garden.

bangchik and kakdah
Tanah Merah


  1. Enjoyed your day trip...interesting and a learning experience. The Bangor is quite beautiful...lovely purple!

  2. Interesting trip! I never been to Cameron all my age! sigh....
    Vegetables are so cheap there?

  3. Love Cameron Highlands esp when you live in hot Singapore.

  4. I know that I would've gone crazy at that vegetable outlet. Three for RM5? I'll take 30 items!

  5. ....Theanne and Baron
    Not many Malaysian trees has purple flowers, that's the reason Bongor becomes landscape item.

    Vegetables SHOULD be cheap there. Malar, plan a trip up there la...

    A nice trip to a cooler place.

    .... Rowena
    I can understand your feeling. If Kakdah went up there she would do the same.

  6. You got a nice, healthy and fat tomatoes. I like to read more in your article.
    dean graziosi

  7. I stop tomato for a while... will soon grow tomato, stay tune.


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