Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fertigation Weekly: Malabar Spinach and the way forward.

Malabar spinach is quite a sight. The plant itself is rare here... everybody seems to be asking, what's that winding plant?.  I said Malabar Spinach... and they reacted "Spinach?".

a row of Malabar Spinach

Malabar Spinach learning to climb

White little buds of malabar spinach
We are planning to go commercial with chili. One hundred seedlings has been ordered from a local farmer. Kulai chili is the in thing  among chili growers now.  I have met a number of them, and interestingly they are more than willing to share the tricks of growing Kulai Chili. So I have to shift malabar spinach, stevia and eggplant somewhere else, to clear the rain proof house for Kulai Chili. Not long from now, in a matter of days...

bangchik and kakdah
Tanah Merah


  1. Malabar Spinach looks so green! The white little buds look like jasmine to me!

  2. All the best to your new venture, Bangchik. Just wondering, why do you order the seedlings instead of growing your own? Is it to cut down the time to harvest or because you wanted a specific hybrid?

    I find the hardest part for me with chillies is the time consumed during harvesting. I can spend an hour or 2 only to get a small basket. This is the reason why I didn't consider commercial for chillies. Perhaps I didn't do it right.

  3. Malabar spinach? Bangchik, nak makan macammana? Perlu dimasak atau di makan begitu sahaja...

  4. I have never heard of Malabar spinach, so interesting. That would save space in the garden.


  5. Malar
    The flower doesn't seem to open, and it just changes colour to brown then black fruits.

    Hybrid yes, and uniformity. They will bring in seedlings of exactly equal size and number of leaves.

    P.E da legend...
    Kena goreng atau masak lemak atau apa2 menu yg kita suka. Ratah mentah macam ulam, tak boleh telan agaknya.

    Sense of Home
    Malabar Spinach is from Indian continent. They just keep growing...

  6. oh! I grew mine from cuttings and they have sprouted! Yay!!! I dont think they will have a chance to climb much as I intend to snip them and eat them up.. Love this vege!

  7. Food so delicious!
    Congratulations... Would you believe it, so many plants can be grown through cuttings. The other day, a friend Izmar from Kuantan showed how to do it with brinjal/terung/eggplant... But malabar spinach seeds sprout rather fast....

  8. Is this the slimy-taste-like-corn spinach ? Is it the same as 'lembayung'?

  9. FreesiaStar
    I am poor at describing the taste. It's crunchy... They grow malabar spinach a lot in Johor...

  10. Kalo kat Brunei this is called sayur gadula...sedap ni...
    Oh ya...berries tu kalo dimakan apa rasanya? manis ke?

    1. Entah macam mana Kakdah tak berapa gemar sayur ni.... jadi dia masak sekali dua saja.... itu pun saya sorang yang makan. Berries memang tak pernah rasa.... warna purple sangat!


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