Friday, April 29, 2011

Growing cabbage in Tanah Merah

Cabbage seeds were soaked for a day on the 8th of April this year. They were wrapped in wet kitchen tissue for a couple of days. Once the roots started to appear they were placed one each in little pots. Four seedlings were of the same size coming to the fourth leaves, very heathy. The other three are somewhat dwarfed, therefore I don't expect much from them... So I am concentrating on the four young cabbage seedlings now.

Young cabbage seedling in  4 in pot, coming to the fourth leaves

This is the second attempt. The first in Putrajaya home, saw the whole stages through ending with four lovely cabbage heads (normal term to describe the round cabbage). Now I am trying to find the best site around the house: cool, no direct sunlight.

Has anyone tried cabbage to add fun to home vegetable gardening in Malaysia?

bangchik and kakdah
tanah merah garden


  1. yes, I did! Cabbage in a pot, just like you did in Putrajaya previously (inspired!). Dan terus berjangkit kat jiran-jiran...

  2. Is amazing to read the effort you have to go to to grow cabbage as they are easy for us but melons etc now there is a challenge.

  3. Where we are, cabbage is one of the easiest to grow. What I miss growing here are the orchids that grow effortlessly in the Philippines! Good luck on the cabbage Bangchik and Kakdah! :)

  4. How lovely to grow cabbage...I've seen them growing by the acre in the mountains of western Virginian! Collards were the green vegetable that grew exceptionally well in the red clay soil of south central Virginia. I look forward to seeing your cabbage heads!

  5. missFridaNorm
    That's great. Tak sangka boleh berjangkit.

    Green Lane Allotments
    What's not meant to be grown here, is a challenge. So far cabbage is growable.

    I thought orchids can be grown indoor there...., by the window sills.

    Theanne and Baron
    It must be a sight to see acres of cabbages there..... as interesting as the sight of banana grown by the acre here.

  6. Oh... seedlings need to soak for 1 day ah. I see. Will try again using your technique :)

  7. milka
    It's not a fool proof prescription on soaking seeds for a day. At least that work for me.... We can vary, and look for the best.

  8. First time seeing 'anak kobis'

  9. My mom grew cabbages in pots in our hometown in Melaka. I haven't try it yet. Good luck there and hope they will grow as successfully as in Putrajaya.

  10. Tabib
    anak kobis just like young kailan or sawi.

    You should try it, cabbage isn't very "manja", quite tough plant in fact.


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