Monday, April 11, 2011

Sprinkler and Dragonfly.

Dragonfly is called pepatung in a standard Malay Language. Kakdah mentioned about a very peculiar name cakcibo (used among Perakians staying around Bota, Parit and Sitiawan) referring to same dragonfly or pepatung. I am not familiar with that name cakcibo, because I am a Perakian with red Kedah blood.

yellowish brown dragonfly

yellowish brown dragonfly
yellowish brown dragonfly

Yellowish brown dragonfly sipping water from nipple of blue sprinkler,
with papaya leaf at the front, and  faint roselle flower at the back.

Brown Dragonfly over bamboo stake
Brown Dragonfly over bamboo stake

Dragonflies came and played with the sprinkler nipple almost every morning. Two distinct colour, one is yellowish brown, the other one is brownish. Probably one is male and the other female. I have not seen red or black yet. They really are water lovers! They do have peculiar habit of darting in circles and coming back at the same spot. Just wonder what they eat......

bangchik and kakdah
Tanah Merah, Kelantan


  1. I also wonder what the dragonfly eats...enjoyed your photographs! There was a dragonfly outside my window the other day, I had a choice to retrieve camera or watch...I decided that time I would watch...if there's a next time I will shoot!

  2. Dragonfly in action! They have free water supply every morning!

  3. We have many different dragonflyies here,too. Our fish try to eat them and will jump out of the water to try to catch one. We have one that is very large and another that is a beautiful blue. I love the pattern on their wings

  4. Cakcibo is a new word to me. It is doing its check and balance in your garden. Dragonfly is one of my favourite insect to shoot.

  5. Used to see a lot of dragonflies back in kampung when I was little. Now I hardly see them anymore!

  6. Never come across cakcibo before leh. But it does sound similar to cicak hehe... Love to see dragonflies but they not appear in my garden that much.

  7. Mrah, kuning, biru.... memang cantik..

    Dulu selalu ambik lidi dan letak getah buah sawa untuk tangkap patung tu he..he..he..

    A few years ago, tangkap juga sekor, nak kasi gigit pusat anak supaya tak kencing malam!!! Uhhh... jangan risau kita lepaskan semula :D

  8. Huh, I was talking over the phone to a friend, Zainal down south, about a long lost friend Mokhtar Arshad whom we knew worked with Agric Dept in the early days. The conversation meandered through garden, green and so on. Zainal quipped "how do you manage to squeeze blogging?" when I asked him to look at "my little vegetable garden"

    Where is time?... huh!!!..

    ....Theanne and Baron
    I love to watch dragonfly too, but I was with the camera then, so I just clicked... aha. I assume dragonfly sip nectar somewhere for meals..yea?

    .... Malar
    A pond, a waterfall, rivers, streams in short anywhere with lot of H2O, there would be dragonflies. That's their kampung la.

    Oh, a food chain in action, fish fishing for dragonflies. If we observe their flying patterns, they are in fact repeating the same short flying route over and over again. They become easy prey!!

    haha... you can start asking any malay ladies about cakcibo especially those from Perak. If they dont know, ask them to visit bangchik and kakdah's blog! Answers there....

  9. flavours
    Yeap.., nostalgic old days. you can rekindle it by putting up water features in the garden. Dragonflies will come and play....

    sounds similar to cicak. have you heard of cicak kobeng?.. a new term for you to find out. Dragonflies will thrive if the habitat is right.., I think.

    ....i amsterdam
    you do have a lot of petua for kencing malam. Just a caution, jangan saampai anak takut nak kencing...


  10. I just googled the words. Frightening discovery!

    Btw, I didn't know it is called c. kobeng. Now I know. But don't want to see one anywhere.

  11. Stephanie
    Cicak kobeng is harmless...


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