Saturday, April 23, 2011

EM effective microorganism.

A friend Wan Azlan, gave 500ml of EM, effective microorganisms, home made without label. Organic gardeners probably have known about EM, and its benefits. I wish to know more about EM, the contents and the friendly bacteria that has been said to bring about activities in the soil or growing media, creating wonderful space and nutrients to roots, thus plants.

a bottle of 500ml EM and fertiliser sachets in a box
The liquid has to be diluted 1 part to 50 parts water. Last week  the solution was sprayed to the soil and coco peat which is used as growing media in automatic irrigation system / fertigation / fertigasi project. I noticed plants getting healthier, somewhat greener.  Somehow the application of EM coincided with eggplants flowers, forming little fruits. 

 I tried preparing EM my own way. Kangkung, leftover papaya skin and fruit, and some other leftover vegetable in a container in this proportion; 1 part brown sugar, 1 part vegetables/fruits and 10 parts water. Yeast and fermented rice was added too. It's now already a week, I will wait a while longer before spraying it to plants. Readers has to refer to other references before trying making EM. My own is somewhat crude, restricted to what is easily available.

  1. Effective Micro-organisms
  2. effective microorganisms for a sustainable … - Higa
  3. Effective Microorganisms: EM-1, ProEM-1, EM-X, EM Ceramics

bangchik and kakdah
Tanah Merah, Kelantan


  1. Hi Bangchik, I used a similar product in a powder form on a garden area that had awful soil and I tested it against another area right next to it that was not treated. I was very pleased with the initial results although 2 years now I cannot tell the difference. .The first year I did get more vigorous growth out of the plants and I think the microorganisms helped them get more nutrients from the soil. Good luck! Happy gardening, Jeanne

  2. Bangchik, I got to warn you that it may smell bad due to the ingredients you have selected. For better smell, use citrus peels and avoid veggie. 3 months of waiting may be more effective.

  3. In India, organic farmers make it out of fresh cowdung, cow urine, jaggery and curds mixed with water and kept for 15 days . The smell is awful, but the effect is wonderful!

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  5. Hi Bangchik, this is an excellent place for plant lovers…will be coming back for more reads…pls drop by

  6. Jeanne
    The bacteria it seems, break down organic matter into nutrients that roots can take. A friend Izmar said, without bacteria, horse dung will remain as horse dung.., because roots cant absorb solid organic matter. Good to hear that you use EM too....

    But I put in tapai pulut (fermented glutinous rice) as additive, so in the end, it smells tapai pulut more... Not a trace of foul smell... I dont know if I got a variation of tapai pulut or EM!

    Great..., I may try that too. Kakdah won't complain if the container is far and out of her sight... haha.

    A blog consisting of my gardening adventure... sometime it's up, sometime it's down total failure... But we keep on greening the earth. I will visit your blog.

  7. Is that the same as micorhyzal fungi? helps roots establish and form a bond with the micro organisms in the soil.

  8. ~Matron.
    I am not too good on EM, a beginner so to speak. EM refers to friendly microorganisms that helps to break down organic matter, in a form suitable for roots to absorb. Since micorhyzal fungi is friendly, then it should be within the larger family of EM. I better get an expert to handle this... haha.

  9. EM... hmmm, have yet to try this stuff...

  10. Lrong
    worth trying... getting help from friendly bacteria...

  11. had been using EM and selling EM Products in my shop at Kc landscape services at Lot 66,Jalan Subang Selangor Green Lane any one who wanted to know more can email me at

  12. kunjungan pertamaku untuk blog ini, sungguh artikel yang ada disini memiliki kualitas content yang bermanfat bagi saya, tak heran bila blog pertanian banyak pengunjungnya? salam sukses :)


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