Sunday, July 5, 2009

Zinnia passing its best.


The edges begin to fold...
the outer petals begin to droop...
But the elegance still intact!!


  1. You're oh so right about the Zinnias. They're elegance in the garden! No matter which angle you look at them from, they look lovely! Awesome photos!

  2. Beautiful shots. May have seen before but not noticed until now, kind of ignorance.
    What's its name in Bahasa?

  3. As you know, Bangchik, I love Zinnias too.

  4. > Chandramouli S
    > rainfield61
    > Prospero
    To tell you frankly, I was introduced into flowers rather late... otherwise my glossary on flowers just about hibiscus, marigolds, ixora, bougainvillea, senduduk, orchids and a few more. Definitely not Zinnia!!... I wouldn't know the name in Bahasa.

    Glad that all the three love zinnias.

    ~ bangchik

  5. > Keats The Sunshine Girl..
    Thanks, ~ bangchik

  6. Love the first shot especially.

  7. Very pretty pictures of the zinnia. Ours still haven't started to bloom yet.

  8. Nice shots. Am thinking of collections of flower lately looking at yours but boy, how I wish I can spare my time or in bracket organizing my time..*chuckle*

  9. > Joanne
    > gardenerprogress/Catherine
    > FJL

    Glad that you like the first picture Joanne. So it fits the top spot in the list of three. When mine is over, then the rest can hop into your blog Catherine, to see Zinnia blooming in another continent!

    FJL.., I dont know fjl, but plants dont require much of our time to grow. They have been growing for million of years with or without humans. Just throw seeds into your selected spots...., then let nature take over from then on.... I heard Keningau always produce beautiful flowers... haha. Share with us.... haha.

    ~ bangchik

  10. > Dirt Princess

    Thanks... part time gardener playing around with camera and art!!.. haha.. ~ bangchik


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