Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Senduduks are crazy with blooms

Senduduk remains as my favorite flower. Common to most, but special to me.


  1. I like that flower too! What a great shrub. thanks for sharing this.

  2. Beautiful. I love the colour.

  3. Your favorite flower? Very beautiful, yes. Can you really have a favorite? I guess if I had to pick, I'd be pretty un-original and say a rose. lol.

  4. The senduduk is blooming all over now. You must have taken very good care of it! Or senduduk knows that Bangchik and Kakdah loves it. So senduduk is smiling brightly in you home.

  5. Looks a lot like our Rhododendrons (size and flower)but nicer.
    Pretty flowers...can see why you love them.

  6. Wow they are so beautiful! Oh, I think I have seen those white ones as well. The blooms can last quite long. They are amazing ;-)

  7. Hi B & K, I know this tropical bloom by the name of 'Princess Flower'. I had one that I trained into a standard,but, alas, did not survive ;( Your shrub is healthy and looks like she'll be blooming for a long time with all those buds!

  8. What a lovely bush and I can see why you like these flowers! Val

  9. > Janet
    > Jo
    > Lee Beth
    > Belle
    > Patsi
    > Steph
    > Lynn
    > Val
    > Keats

    Thanks for the comments. It is not easy for anyone in Malaysia to accept this wild plant as having beautiful flowers. Because senduduk is too common, being among the first few plant to colonise lands just cleared.

    After a few rounds of flowerings, the plant is giving out lighter purplish flower, wider and more pronounced yellow stigma. Thats what I been noticing.... This flowering season is the best, because buds seem to come out from every ends. Even the little shoot at the base of the plant is happily producing flowers.

    To Lynn, you can give it another attempt!!

    ~ bangchik


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