Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bitter gourds and petola sharing trellis

The plants are very much visible, now coming to the top of trellis. Trellis is a simple bamboo frame, 4 stakes, cross sections and strings. They should bloom soon these toad bitter gourds and petola... Petola will bloom first even though I planted a week later than toad bitter gourds, because I saw little things shooting out from the node. They are too small to put here for now....

this toad bitter gourd
or peria katak is so delicate...,
very fine stem and tentacles.

petola is racing for space and height...
has a longer interval between leaves
as compared to bitter gourds.

Their leaves are different, but they exhibit similar climbing habit using feelers or tentacles or curls, and they dont twine.


  1. Observing how a plant grow is very interesting. New plants always catches my attention as I like to understand how the plant will do well. Between the two, I prefer petola. I like to stir fry it with fresh shrimp, garlic and onions and use a bit of oyster sauce to make it tastier ;-)

  2. You are very observant with your gardening and plants. So much can be learnt in gardening from personal experience.

  3. Yes, it does look very delicate. I'm always interested in the plants you grow.

  4. > Stephanie
    > Joanne
    > Jo

    I have the chance to really observe how plants grow and behave simply because our plot is not big, and the number of plants is limited. Petola is an agressive plant, shooting out faster and now is flowering. Gourds are delicate little plants, inching their so slow, just like snails...

    Steph,Joanne and Jo... thanks for the interest in plants we grow here.... in a small plot. But come to think about it, the vast majority of us stay in a house with a limited space to grow plants. Some even resort to the space within the balcony. Some even use roof to garden. The lucky few will have massive a few acres space to play around with plants.

    Little plot requires us to a little bit choosy on what to grow...... Being choosy and being observant is the choice I take to deal with the space, the plants and the satisfaction to be extracted.... haha...

    Happy gardening folks
    ~ bangchik


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