Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hibiscus blooming mad

[Bunga Raya]

The row near the pedestrian walkway is blooming mad. Red and red all over.

Hibiscus on the Sleeping Shores

I say now, Fernando, that on that day
The mind roamed as a moth roams,
Among the blooms beyond the open sand;

And that whatever noise the motion of the waves
Made on the seaweeds and the covered stones
Disturbed not even the most idle ear.

Then it was that that monstered moth
Which had lain folded against the blue
And the colored purple of the lazy sea,

And which had drowsed along the bony shores,
Shut to the blather that the water made,
Rose up bespent and sought the flaming red

Dabbled with yellow pollen --- red as red
As the flag above the old cafe---
And roamed there all the stupid afternoon

by Wallace Stevens


  1. I love Hibiscus and what a lovely colour. The poem was nice too.

  2. > Lee Beth
    > Janet
    > Joanne

    Thanks, red is the color for the "old" hibiscus. Too common, but beautiful as the original hibiscus ought to be....

    have fun,
    ~ bangchik

  3. They are so beautiful! I love this 'bush'. I would have snapped many photos too. Have a wonderful day ;-)

  4. > Stephanie

    Yes steph, its bushy alright. Even though hibiscus produce flower most of the time, June and July is a big rush. It must be the prolonged dry spell we are experiencing that trigger it all.... on the other hand, zephyr lily require a burst of rain/drizzle to shoot out flowers.

    Selamat Menjamu selera,
    ~ bangchik

  5. Hi Bangchik! They look so beautiful! I have one orange hibiscus inside the house.

  6. I've always loved hibiscus flowers. And they make such a great drink.

  7. > Kaija
    > Brad B
    > Marie

    Thanks for stopping by and put down comments. Hibiscus is like an ancient plant, found almost anywhere in the world, and can grow in a range of climatic condition. Red remains the original color, the rest I suppose is the offsprings of the original color....

    Oh, you can make drink with these flowers?... Interesting!

    ~ bangchik

  8. Beautiful hibiscus. this is probably most common street shrub here in lahore. also, various color variants are available for hibiscus

  9. Thanks for the comment Muhammad Khabbab..., yes, we do have variants in color as well in Malaysia. But Red remains the original color!


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