Sunday, July 19, 2009

A day at Precint 8 market, Putrajaya.

Precint 8, Putrajaya.

This is the place we normally stop by and buy groceries. A short drive away from home. There are things which we dont grow in the garden. We dont rear chicken, cattles or keep a fish pond. Therefore market is the place to go for barter trade. They give what we want, we give them back equivalent value in paper notes...

Kakdah's favorite stall.

very scary
when people handle knife with their left hand

kerang or cockles

he is very skillful

mountain of coconuts.

at the back of the market.
They clean up veggies,
take off old leaves before it gets to the stall

unloading chicken.

The market viewed from far.
Click for bigger view,
then the signboard PASAR will be visible.
Pasar means Market.


  1. I enjoyed my trip to your market very colourful.

  2. These pictures are so cool! I would love to visit a market like that some day :)

  3. > Joanne
    > Pooka

    Our market is always colorful.. not only on the items at the stall, but the colorful dress people are wearing, and the most important thing is our multicultural society.

    Three main ethnic live and mingle together; Malays, Chinese, Indians, and many more in Sabah and Sarawak. English and Malay language connect us and make each one us less distinct. Prime Minister, Dato Seri Najib wants ONE MALAYSIA.

    That's market, it will even be more colorful if we go down to eating place.. open air eating place!!

    Pick Malaysia as your next vacation.. hmmm, why not.

    ~ bangchik

  4. .. Pooka,
    Visited your blog just now.., I have problem writing the word verification, the box or the space just not there!

    So, this is what I intend to comment:

    Just hope she will be alright... and the flowers should warm you up....
    ~ bangchik


  5. Hello Bangchik, tq for introducing this market. I notice the place is well kept and clean too. If I stay around your area, I would definitely do my marketing there ;-) Oh, I hope my sweet potato plant will do well... this way I would buy less vege from the pasar ;-)

  6. > Stephanie
    Yes, I do agree with you about the market very clean and well looked after. You may want to give a try once a while, just for a change... Carrefour and Parkson sell about the same thing in their veggie and meat section, but nothing beats the open market we are so familiar with... haha...

    Good luck to your sweet potatoes... will it have purple flowers?.

    ~ bangchik

  7. I would love to visit your market. It looks so clean and colourful, and I'm sure I would find lots of interesting goodies there.

  8. Thumbs up for this wet market. Very clean.

  9. Your pasar is like our farmer's market here. I love fresh seafood. That left-handed guy in the photo is quite skillful, funny photo LOL!

  10. > Jo
    > Autumn Belle

    They really have to make the place clean and tidy, because of ongoing grading system. Anyone falls below a certain grade will be given warning letter, failing which termination of license will be taken.

    After a while, cleanliness becomes a habit....

    Yes, you can find lots of goodies!!...

    ~ bangchik

  11. > vuejardin
    This is the permanent kind of market. There is another version, called pasar tani, a weekly open market. It was intended for farmers to sell their produce, but after a while, farmers cant cope with both i.e. gardening and selling. So pasar tani becomes just like another market, only it is weekly. To sell is a specialized job, therefore best left to sellers, gardeners toil the soil. That's how it goes anywhere in the world....

    Yes, the left handed guy is terribly skillful, and every movement is very quick.., chop.., chop... chop!!.

    ~ bangchik

  12. What a great looking place to shop. Reminds me of some of the markets in France. Very open, not like our "supermarkets" here. Do you also have the outdoor, more casual markets?

  13. > Kim and Victoria

    We do have the outdoor markets... called Pasar Tani, open only daytime. The other one is the evening Pasar Malam.

    ~ bangchik

  14. I was told the flower is purple... if so, you guessed correctly!

  15. So much more to enjoy when the market is kept clean. How I wish some other markets will follow suit.
    Do not worry about left -handed people! I 'm one of them! and the knife is safe in our hands!!

  16. > Stephanie
    > Keats The Sunshine Girl

    Don't forget to take photos when your plant blooms later, we really want to see them.. purple flowers... Ok Steph.

    Playing badminton against left handed player is always a tough one.... Badminton racket is awfully safe in left handed players..., agreeably knife is also safe in left handed persons. Keats,..

    have fun,
    ~ bangchik

  17. Amazing market! Thanks for taking me with you!
    : ))

  18. Thanks for an interesting visit to a market in your part of the world!

  19. That was so interesting to see! I really enjoy seeing markets from around the world and the different things sold. It's so great to have a place to buy food fresh.

  20. > Beegirl
    > Jan (Thanks For 2 Day)
    > gardenerprogress/Catherine

    Thanks for the drops and comments. This is a good, clean, tidy and well managed market. There are other different markets around.

    I have not visited for quite sometime the more open and casual kind of market. That will be more interesting. Sellers will bring their own big and colorful umbrella, bench and produce. The crowd can be very large, we practically squeeze our way through....

    ~ bangchik

  21. So good to see the different pasar that we have. The pasar looks clean compare to Keningau.

  22. > FJL

    With some kind of regulatory and punitive action, cleanliness can be a goal to go for... welcome back FJL, long time no see!!

    ~ bangchik

  23. can i have the address of this pasar? thank you~~


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