Friday, July 10, 2009

Count the chilies

Lots of chilies ....

in the earlier post,
Hot Chillies ready to bloom.
I mentioned about chili plant,
slanting and resting on the ground.
Then new roots were seen developing and the plant produced 5 new stems.
This particular plant produce more chilies and grow healthier than the others......
More roots to extract nutrients may be?


  1. Wow so nice! Love these chillies. I like to stuff the chilly with minced fish meat ('yong tow foo')... yummy!

  2. > steph

    I love stuffed chilies too.... cili sumbat! ~ bangchik

  3. Glad to see you're getting lots of chiles! Sounds like you did it right and have a very happy plant there.

  4. Oh yum, enjoy your bounty!

  5. > JGH
    > Carrie

    Thanks for the drop. Very close to this chili plant is a celosia, heavy with long red flowers. Its leaves had been badly nibbled by insects.., could be small grasshoppers or something. This could easily be the determining factor for the chili plant good health. Its neighbor, the celosia is doing the sacrifice... Just guessing.

    ~ bangchik

  6. They look so green and healthy plants. Much bigger than my tiny plants.

  7. > Joanne
    That chili plant is the healthiest... the chilies are fairly uniform, long and straight down. Soon I will show some of the awkward looking chilies from other plants.

    ~ bangchik


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