Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tall grass, lalangs

Nobody grow lalangs, these tall grass. They remain wild before someone decide to clear the place up, plough the area or spray roundup the ever ready weed killer!!. However some of us may view these tall grass as being very beautiful, almost a natural artistry....

I saw these tall grass during one of my regular outings..... far north in Kedah. It may just stay as nice grassland for a while longer, before someone pour in millions of dollars to do some development!! ... more houses...

I do a little bit of search in Blotanical;
and I found these:


  1. It's such a shame that all these wild areas of natural beauty end up being developed on. Let's hope the developers miss this area.

  2. I love grasses. They are so ethereal and yet at the same time strong! Shame they are being built over! Val

  3. I like the last picture most. It is a most beautiful scene.In the far end, I can see a blue mountain with some clouds. I should have taken my wedding photos there!

  4. I like to watch lalang when they are blown by the wind. So graceful ;-)

  5. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If we don't look we don't see.

  6. Jo
    Autumn Belle

    Yes, we dont look, we dont see... That sums up the fate and beauty of tall grass, lalangs.

    I am not too sure about taking wedding photos around tall grass, the grass flowers will get entangled with wedding gowns!!

    Tall grass, lalangs, save what we have!!

    ~ bangchik


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