Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A home-made bamboo screen

Kakdah complained about her hanging garden being too exposed to sunlight during second half of the day. We decided to put up a bamboo screen...... I just framed them up and tied with wire, did some paintwork and varnish. Now the screen can block half the intensity....

I think Kakdah is looking for something more decent ... hmmm... Oh well.......

some are painted black
some are varnished

the top half

the lower half

against the sky

it blocks the rain too...


  1. very good idea, i might have a go at this

  2. Hi! Nice and practical screen.

  3. What a nice idea, i am sure Kakdah wil be pleased.

  4. A good DIY partner. Kakdah is so lucky.

  5. Nice and practical ;-) Good job Bangchik!

  6. Like your home made bamboo screen. Everything looks perfect. Nice blog. Cheers :)

  7. Wow, Bangchik, you are a Mr DIY too! Great job! Like the screen!

  8. Good job! I think we need a really good chain of DIY shops. Maybe the demand is not there. For the time being ACE is filling the needs.

  9. > Barry
    > Kaija
    > kontrazt
    > Joanne
    > Autumn Belle
    > Stephanie
    > beth
    > J.C.
    > Keats The Sunshine Girl

    I am not much of a DIY guy... If time is in abundance and with enthusiasm bubling, something will appear which otherwise will remain as idea and dream. .. haha...
    Kakdah provides adequate support to let me go on with DIY things.

    The screen serves its purpose well, blocking half the intensity of sunlight.

    ~ bangchik

  10. Bangchik and Kakdah, I am enjoying the lovely photos on your blog. We have one large stand of 'black' bamboo that grew from a start a friend gave us years ago. In the spring we took divisions and now have the beginnings of a bamboo grove.

    Thank you for allowing us to visit.

  11. Thanks DI..., good that you have your own bamboo... I am sure with a little bit of creativity we can do a lot with bamboo. Cut off a few from time to time, will check their growth and spread... bamboo bench, bamboo trellies, bamboo container for orchids... and the whole list.


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