Saturday, July 18, 2009

A short drop, this magpie

A magpie
[burung murai]

The bird dropped, picked something and flew
not giving me
a chance to zoom
and snap
for more.

a rare visit
seen through kitchen window.


  1. cute, i can see your insect population dropping quickly, bring in more - they are free and efficient labour!!

  2. I've got two visiting my garden. They can certainly make a noise!

  3. We get several magpies around here and they are so noisy.

  4. What a treat! Too bad he didn't stay around for a couple of poses.

  5. > Barry
    > easygardener
    > Joanne
    > Teresa~Gardening with Soule

    Gembala Kerbau and crows are more common around here.. I have seen a couple of magpies hovering around. They are a bit quick, stay just for a short while and off they go. That particular magpie stayed just long enough for me to rush for the camera and snap. Just for a pose, not a single more... haha.

    They are so noisy ... but nice to hear especially early in the morning... A persistent wake up call!!

    Have a good weekend,
    ~ bangchik

  6. Great shot Bangchik! You've got a steady hand to get that clear photo with only one try.

  7. I enjoy seeing magpies. Around here they clean up road kill.

  8. > garden girl
    > Kim and Victoria

    Magpies cleaning up road kill? Over here only crows will do that. Crows in fact will clean up almost anything....

    Garden girl, I guess I was a little bit lucky, snapping just in time.

    ~ bangchik

  9. You are lucky to get that shot co close.

  10. > FJL..,
    I hid behind the window curtain. I just squeezed the camera lense through a gap to shoot. Otherwise I could not get even a snap. This bird will definitely fly away on slightest sound.

    ~ bangchik


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