Friday, July 3, 2009

Papaya making corrective adjustment.

The papaya plant is slanting by a few degrees. That is a standard thing for any plant or tree to do, given such disturbance by the house. Beans on the other hand love to grab anything for added strength and as means to go higher. But trees will tilt the other way.

There is this little shoot at the base of trunk, about 6 inches from ground. Most of us may have seen this corrective action from plants. When trees slant a little bit, new shoots will come out from the other side, to counteract the imbalance.. or preparing for a new lease of life if the mother plant collapse .. For now I am not going to do anything...., just let the shoot see for itself the whole purpose of its existence ......

little shoot.

A slight tilt to the left.
the leaves almost at the upstairs window!

a view through the dry yard door
looking from the other side


  1. It's amazing to me that you have a papaya plant in your garden. Love that little shoot.

    I agree, it's so fun to see the plants you post on your blog, it's as if you're in another world.......

  2. An interestng post. I too had noticed with some plants how this happens I have some house plants that have done this which has proved useful.

  3. I too find it absolutely fascinating that you've got a papaya tree. Looking good!

  4. > Marie
    > Kim and Victoria
    > Joanne
    > Jeanne

    I may have plants difficult for most of you to grow... but papayas are very much available in your local groceries... Likewise I cant grow apple trees here... thanks Joanne for noticing similar behaviour of plants in your garden.

    Happy Gardening,
    ~ bangchik

  5. That's so true! Mother Nature always knows how to balance herself! Be it destructive or constructive - to her eyes, it's to hold the balance!

  6. > Chandramouli S

    Equilibrium is the keyword I think.... Like water finding its own level..... so is everything else.
    Thanks for the drop.
    ~ bangchik

  7. I love seeing all these trees and plants that are so foreign to me! Val

  8. > Valeri

    Thanks for the drop Val..., likewise I visit your cornish garden to view "the other world" ...



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