Friday, July 17, 2009

The flowers of petola, taking turn.

Very perculiar flower. It starts to open up around 5 pm until the early part of the morning. As sun got brighter it closes up. The yellow flower is strikingly similar to that of bitter gourds I used to grow. Or may be plants within the same family has similar flowers.... same as twining beans of broad beans and winged beans with that of purplish white flowers.

Within a day or two,
the flower drops.
The next flower will develop from the reserves.
The bunch on the left of flower are full of reserves.
Note also the remaining stalk whose flower has dropped.
Is it a continuous game to attract bees?

But which flower will develop into petola?...
The last one in the reserves?
Such a fascinating approach to blooming and fruiting, this petola.....


  1. I wonder if it opens in the evening because it is cooler or because the insects that pollinate it fly at night. Flowers can be very mysterious sometimes!

  2. It looks a little lonely all on it's own. Do the flowers only bloom one at a time?

  3. Do the flowers have any smell. If so, is it nice?

  4. I just love see the unique things that grow in other gardens across the world. I've never heard of petola!

  5. > easygardener
    > Jo

    This petola flower may be waiting for night insects. I dont know if there is any around here.

    Yes, what a lonely flower, blooming one at a time. The little buds group together in a bunch wait for their turn dutifully.

    ~ bangchik

  6. > Autumn Belle
    > Msrobin

    I dont think the flower has any special scent. Or humans sensory organ cant detect their delicate scent, or they are meant only for the night insects...

    So, plants across the globe are unique in their own way... thanks msrobin, and all these made possible by BLOTANICAL!!

    ~ bangchik

  7. I never saw a flower do that. Very interesting. And by the way, that papaya looks absolutely fantastic. Wow!!!

  8. > SuburbanGardener

    Peculiarity of flowers that most of the time goes unnoticed.
    Thanks, but papaya plant is getting too tall now.....

    ~ bangchik


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