Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Rural setting

I was born and raised in a typical rural setting, where there were lot of trees, and neighbors' houses were quite a distance away. Trees were grown for fruits but to the kids, they were little hideouts, a place to test ones' agility, climbing up, swinging from branch to branch. We somehow grew up without many bones broken and scars.

Gardening I guess is a trip back to the rural settings, where sharing of space with plants are nurtured... or as the biology teacher said, we are inhaling oxygen exhaled by plants or rather leaves out of their daily chores of photosynthesis. And they inhale what we exhale.

Kaklong, my eldest sister is somewhat lucky to be in such setting. But her sons and daughters are everywhere, and I dont think any of hers will follow her footsteps. Hers are all urbanised!!... We really have to wait for many more years, before we will finally stay in our own house in Perak. A red roofed bungalow is currently rented out. Kakdah has alot in her mind, how we should mould the garden when we finally stay there. Many more years to go!!

The younger sister, Kakyah stayed in a 3 acre plot, surrounded with oil palm trees. Meanwhile my younger brother Yan, built a big house in one acre plot, a real haven with gajus [ cashew nut ] and tembusu trees not far. Bangmat the elder brother and other younger brothers, Man and Lan each got a house in a typical housing scheme.

Rural setting is so cool and sweet ....

Some trees simply grow too old
and has to be chopped down.
The pieces are saved.

Coconut husk, the outer skin covering the nut,
has to be peeled off.
These are dried up and kept.

slope treatment.
It is a normal sight,
where slopes are strengthened with coconut husk,
so heavy rainfall
cant erode the slopes.

Look at the coconut trunk...
Green Moss on one side explains a lot
about shade and sunlight....


  1. I bet it is gorgeous! So many neat plants and animals to see!

  2. It's good to see waste put to good use.

  3. I've always like the "rural" side of things.

  4. Hi, I am visitng all of the followers of my blog and would like to thank you for doing so.Seeing flowers and fruit come to life is always exciting. Spinach is growing here and we have been harvesting also, I am always amazed how the same plants grow on different sides of the world in completely different situations!
    Best wishes

  5. > Dirt Princess
    > Dawn
    > Jo
    > Prospero
    > Peggy
    Rural settings has images of whats life, and nature used to be... Urban setting I guess has lost the essence of nature. But there is endless attempts at recreating and putting back what is "rural" within urbanity.....

    Thanks for the drop....
    ~ bangchik

  6. I sheldom see those chopped wood now. This place is nolstalgic for me too ;-)

  7. I love your garden...especially all the food. Papaya is my favorite. How tall is your tree and how old is it?

  8. Children should definately be encouraged to climb trees and be mucky, I did and it was fabulous. Neither myself or any of my friends ever got hurt, kids are wrapped in cotton wool these days. What a lovely place and how great to have a large family, mine is tiny and I'm an only child - boring!!! Thanks for sharing a little rural lovliness xx

  9. > Stephanie
    Of course Stephanie, I am walking you down the memory lane... and sorry if you feel nostalgic about it... haha.

    > Shirley "EdenMaker"
    Thanks Shirly for the drop..., oh, papaya plant is getting very tall now, almost to upstairs window!... The papaya seeds germinated early last year, january, so the plant is one and a half year old!!... Huh, thats about middle age for papaya.

    > Carrie..
    Parents seem to be creating an unusual environment for the kids now, a germ and accident-free environment. Taking out all protections kids are helpless....
    You are lucky then Carrie, getting everything for being the only child... we have to fight for almost everything... even for the vintage spot to watch TV... haha.

    But gardening will recreate some elements in ruralness....

    ~ bangchik

  10. Wonderful trees! Great idea for preventing erosion!

  11. > Beegirl

    Cheaper ways to prevent erosion are always available. It doesnt look pretty but terribly functional!

    ~ bangchik


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