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Monday, August 17, 2009

100 years back in time.

RoseyPollen123, of Dung Hoe, 7850 feet in the rocky mountains of Colorado gave a glimpse of what is 100 years ago like, made possible with Wanokoto Labs in her post It takes you back 100 years.

I give it a try: using photographs on the recent tour of FLORIA 2009.

the crowd

Kakdah and her two new friends

a young girl waiting

the girls crowding

buying old magazines

Now, this is a tough one.
Can we safely convert a juicy papaya back 100 years in time?

Give it a try for fun and thanks roseypollen.


  1. That a good try, Bangchik. Excellent.

  2. I think these pictures are reminiscent of years past...and, hey, papayas have been around thousands of years...haha!

  3. Excellent photo choices. The papaya looks like it could be from an old cookbook. I took a look at the site when I saw it on Rosey's blog but I hadn't tried it yet. I can do something similar on Paintshop Pro but it takes work and it looks like the Wanokoto site is fairly easy to use. What did you think of the process?

  4. I like the effects. TQ for introducing this method. I would definitely explore this tool/site. Have an exciting Monday!

  5. Hi,
    I am admiring your results!
    Thanks for the love-link.

  6. Taking the color out of a photo changes what you look at in the photo. Makes it very interesting.

  7. How different everything looks. We should remember this when viewing things that colour can change everything! Val

  8. Belle

    Wanokoto will do everything for us..., a time machine that will send photos 100 years back in time. Haha... papaya do exist for million of years.

    Give it a try,

  9. Carrie

    Yes, color will change everything. Putting it in black and white will stimulate the love for color, and nature!!

    Rosey, you are most welcome.

  10. The effect looks very classic..papaya still look yummy without the colour .

  11. Thanks FJL, lets see what happen if you make gunung kinabalu with classic look,... huh, that will be nice. ~bangchik


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