Saturday, August 8, 2009

Celebration of colours, FLORIA2009 Putrajaya (no 1).

Saturday afternoon. Not too hot, in fact it's almost cool. But the place is hot with colors, not only in flowers, but with people, dress, food and characters. Even Kakdah chose to be stunningly colorful with her dress and demeanor. In fact Kakdah agrees to let her pictures posted here and meanwhile Bangchik is shy as ever....

FLORIA2009 is a flower exhibition held in Putrajaya for a week. Tomorrow, Sunday is the last day. An exhibitor mentioned about his stall closing at around midday Sunday, just enough time left to pack, go home and rest.

Thousand of flowers are displayed. For this post, I choose the celebration of colors as the theme ... people, dress, food, characters and a little bit on flowers. The flower itself will be treated in the next post.

a poster

one of the many nurseries

orchids upside down

a son taking picture of Mom in her best colors

egyptian duck scratching its ear

Grand Dad, Grand Ma and the little one.

waiting for food

huh, durian even on a hot day!

when you feel hungry

for another ice cream

if you are tired walking

orchid perched high

this gives me idea
on the next orchid project


with the beautiful bridge
as the background

and two new friends
we met at the food stall


  1. Everything looks beautiful - especially Kakdah! That is true artistry with flowers.

  2. Wonderful tour. Great flower exhibition, Bangchik.

  3. Great photo tour. I especially love the orchids. Why did they hang them upside down? I've never seen Vandas growing this way...was it for display? -Jackie

  4. Everything is beautiful. Kakdah is lovely. Now, I know why Kakdah is your most beautiful treasure.

  5. Read you message to me :-) The machine and balloon covered? that's why I missed it la.

    I can see that Kakdah really enjoyed the 'pesta' :-D Enjoy the weekend!

  6. > JGH
    > Prospero
    > Jackie
    > Belle
    > Steph

    Orchids hanged upside down are just for display.... In a way, its a lot easier for people to see, but very difficult for mind/brain to compute... Sorry for those who miss going up with air balloons... there will be next time, somewhere.

    Yeah, Kakdah enjoyed every minute of it, the fiesta or the Pesta or the FLORIA2009. I joked with her about the distance covered during the tour, it could easily be a 7 Km slowww walk!. She didn't complain about being tired.... haha. Thanks JGH, PROSPERO, JACKIE,BELLE and STEPH.
    ~ bangchik


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