Saturday, August 1, 2009

As we jog early in the morning.

We just change pattern.
The normal 6.30pm jog is changed to 6.30am.
Very fresh!!

We jog and walk
till the sun rises well above the horizon.

the morning sun

getting ready for more things to happen.

The whole morning exercise is too slow to be called jogging,
more of brisk walking i would say ... haha.

Anyone doing exercise lately
other than gardening
with morning sun as the witness?


  1. Next month when my husband has 2 weeks vacation from work, we are planning to jog in the mornings (before it gets too hot) every other day of the week. Seize the day!

  2. Beautiful morning photos!

    Thebike on my post is only for decoration :)

  3. I like your idea of taking advantage of what morning has to offer.

  4. Yes, I like morning exercise of brisk walking, jogging and chi-gong too. Breathing in the morning fresh air is very invigorating. What a healthy way to start the day.

  5. > Rowena
    > Marie of Heimdal

    What a great idea to fill up part of the two week vacation with jogging , Rowena. There are a lot of interesting sounds early in the morning by birds and insects.

    And thanks Marie for the drop, haha.. even if the bicycle is just for show, it would still be lovely to just push around with flowers all over!!...


  6. > Prospero
    > Belle

    Yes Prospero, morning is so cheerful and bright and could easily be missed by just snoring away... aha.

    Belle, a walk around in the morning is a test on our muscles and sensory organs as well. So many different sounds coming from all angles. Birds and insects..... The moment the sun appears, the lovely morning music gets dimmer and vanish.

    Lets Jog and Walk!!

  7. In answer to your question - NO!
    But good for you two, very impressed and I know if I could be bothered and could manage to get my hubby out of bed, I'd really enjoy doing that (weather permitting), is would set you up for a good day.

  8. > Carrie.
    Jogging is nothing more than a session where one flex muscle and move forward. I know you have said NO..., but who knows, if you try once, you may want to do it again and again.... haha.

    Getting out of bed... huh, tough for everyone!!

    have fun

  9. Since it's so HOT here these days, I run to the garden from the very morning and try to do as much as I can. What a beautiful sunrise you have there!!!

  10. > Tatyana.
    That's a nice approach to jogging. A necessity to run to avoid hotter sun!!... Thanks for the drop.
    have a nice weekend
    ~ bangchik

  11. What a change in perspective to go from pm to am. I love a morning jog! I work in a school so I'm usually at the gym at 5:30am, then straight to school, but during the summers, I'm able to actually go out in the morning. See this post if you get a chance...

  12. Hi WENDY ... its good to change routines a little bit. Otherwise life would be so predictable....


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