Monday, August 10, 2009

After two harvests, roselles going higher.

Roselles definitely going higher, with fruits at every nodes. The color is so striking, deep red against deep green. Even the stems are red. The middle portions of the flowers are red too..

After two harvests, they definitely getting used to the wind, and form side branches. Now, roselles become a solid mass against the wind. I spread poultry fertilizer on the ground last weekend to help keeping up with the nutrient since the plants are really growing.

One plant has been reserved for seeds, so I have a chance to take pictures until the fruits turn brown and start to crack. That will be much later....

We pick the bigger ones this morning, 41 fruits Kakdah counted as the third harvest. Another cool and nice roselle juice for lunch and dinner.!! I have to climb up the five foot steps again to pluck two ripe papayas. Desert, fresh from the garden...

the red skins and the white seeds.
We blend the red ones,
and throw the white seeds
into the compost heap.

papaya slice, juicy as always.


  1. Exotic fruit for me and I'm sure it's very tasty :)

    I think that people all over the wourld love art (and flowers) :)
    May be that is way art looks similar in Norway and in Malaysia :)
    And people have always traveled you know, seen the art and taken it home... Don't you think?

  2. It all looks so delicious! Ive never had either of those. Whats does a Papaya taste like. Ive seen them in the store, when do you know when they are ready to eat. what should I look for when trying one.

  3. Mmm, I'd love to have a taste...I've never even heard of Roselles. Of course, I'm probably in the minority on that--but it sounds like quite a lot of work to keep them doing so well! You are taking lots of care and they are producing lots of fruit for all of your hard work and commitment!

  4. Bangchik, your roselles flowers look better than those at Floria 2009. To make the juice, do you just blend it or cooking is needed? The seller at the night market recommend me to boil the fruits first. Can you just eat it like this, like the jambu air? Papayas are so useful. Even the unripe ones can be used to make pickles and we also use papayas to make double boil herbal soup. That's a good harvest!

  5. That's a really good looking and succulent papaya. It looks like it is a very sweet one. Have a happy Monday Bangchik and Kakdah! Enjoy your harvest.

  6. What does Roselle juice taste like? I'm very curious! But maybe it is one of those unique indescribable things?

    Fresh papaya is a rare treat here, but I love it!

  7. Yeah MARIE, we thought the earth is so big, but it is just a little dot in bigger space of universe. So for such a small place called earth, it definitely is so easy for people to move around. Flora and fauna, and art too!

    They are delicious JENN. When papaya skin turns yellow, it is ready to be consumed. It will be quite crunchy in the beginning. Very soft, juicy and sweet when ripening is complete.... We sometime take them young, the skin still green, and the flesh greenish white sort of color, boil them and use as salad...

    To tell you the truth JAN, roselles are happy to be on their own. Yes, we babysit them in the early stage, then they just grow and grow. They seem to be happy with poultry fertilizer pellets and daily watering..

  8. We treat them just as watermelon, blend them fresh .. I don't know BELLE, if boiling make the taste better, but it definitely is good if one intend to keep the juice longer. We are like fisherman of the old days..., "catch today, eat today".. for roselles "Blend today, drink today".

    Thanks STEPH.., for the good looking papaya, thanks to soil, water, fertilizer, last but not least, to pests for not bothering these papaya... haha.

    Oh, to describe a taste is tough!!... haha... a cross between, apple, orange and tamarind juice is about right.. hmmm. But JGH please dont try mixing the three... haha. Sweet Sour that's for sure.

    Have a great day,

  9. You have posted wonderful picture of flowers that is appreciated.

  10. Thanks FLOWERS for dropping and putting comments. ~ bangchik


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