Sunday, August 9, 2009

Celebration of colours, FLORIA2009 Putrajaya (no 4) - youngsters, adults of the future.


Held over a week and Sunday 9th August is the last day.

Moms will be happy looking at flowers,
kids will rush for ice cream and
I am not too sure what's going on in Dad's mind.
But these children and youngsters
are the adults of the future
to shape the country and
to mix the right blend
for a colorful Malaysia.

The way they organise this exhibition,
due consideration has been given to make it memorable for
the little ones.

they are bright and focussed
single minded.
(on food this time.. haha)

they hold hands

the little one
pulling big sister forward

a son
taking pictures of his Mom.
Mom is in the best color and pose

taking charge
of an exhibition on water color section.
The large painting was done
by none other than Tan Sri Samsudin Osman,
one of the most colorful
Chief Secretary to the Government.
(she said someone had bought the painting for RM2000.)

to be part of the green world.

handling magazine stall

doing handiwork in one of the many stalls for school kids


to learn and share

keen to do things that's supposedly joyful only to girls


  1. Wow, such colors and exhibition of characters. Is it an annual affair?

  2. > Ocean Girl
    It is a flower show. Nothing of this sort the last few years. Who knows, it might just be annual after this.... yea, it does stimulate local tourism and business in a way. Another event for kakdah to put in her diary! - must visit kind of show. You didn't come?

  3. What a glorious show. The picture of the mom getting her picture taken by the son is so colorful! What kind of handiwork are the girls doing?

  4. The last day is the most crowded. Everyone seem to be having a good time.

  5. It looks like a most fun family celebration. Love the son taking the picture of his mom and that watercolor. The sailboats are most lovely.

  6. > Janet
    > Belle
    > Tina

    The last day is definitely most crowded, and whats more it is Sunday! Yes BELL, everyone seem to be having fun. The girls were putting beads through strings. They did all sort of arrangement, JANET. The boy is so sweet to take pictures of his Mom in real color and pose. I love her handbag, TINA.

  7. I enjoyed your Floria 2009 posts. The flower displays are very colourful, especially the orchids. Everyone looks as if they are enjoying themselves.

  8. > easygardener
    They really do... especially the moms and the little ones.

  9. I enjoyed looking at all the faces. Beautiful.

  10. Thanks TATYANA.... They are. Youngsters always do. When we get older, we are good at putting mask, changing it to suit the psychological atmosphere... We become less beautiful in a way, but definitely more matured. We cant retain the spontaneity of the youngsters that make them really beautiful in look and character. Agree Tatyana?

  11. It's great to see these kinds of pictures, of your life. Great looking kids!

  12. KIM and VICTORIA, kids are always beautiful with their innocence and spontaneity...


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