Sunday, August 16, 2009

as roselle's flowers about to fall off

The flowers don't simply drop off just like that, wide open or rather "naked". Roselle is showing what decency is all about, as the flowers take their time, closing in keeping themselves in a solid mass, hiding the bright red stigma in the centre. Following all the procedures to the last item, then the flower will drop.

A short life. The flower open early morning and drop midday. Senduduk exhibits similar behavior about opening and closing up of flowers, but senduduk repeat the process over a couple of days before the flowers are allowed to drop.

Roselle flowers
A short fling.
Not a night stand.
but a Day Stand!!


  1. Bangchik, if the flower falls off, do you still get a roselle fruit or will there be one less roselle?

  2. The pale pink color is soooooo delicate. I like the stems being dark red too.

  3. What a beautiful way to end life. They are so gorgeous throughout the whole cycle xx

  4. > Belle
    > Janet
    > Carrie

    So far most flowers leave fruits behind... One or two fruits drop early. Flowers dropping off is permanent feature of roselles. The flowers stay just for half a day! Fruits appear as a result of mostly self pollination. Occasionally there would be insects hovering around, i suppose they give service on pollination as well.

    Roselles produce exotic flowers and fruits. They are beautiful in many ways....


  5. I always missed of getting roselle from the tamu. Hope I can catch one next time. Your roselle's flower is lovely in pink.

  6. Hi FJL.., To be sure of getting roselles, make sure you come early to tamu.. ~bangchik


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