Friday, August 21, 2009

What's so special about Alamanda.

is a shopping arcade
5 minute from home.

these are views outside the complex.

the little girl was running,
something must have attracted her attention.
the mom was chasing hard.

mega sale?

70% off ?
Kakdah checking...

It's always a pleasure to shop. Kakdah not the only one.

Anybody else love shopping?


  1. Anyone else love shopping?? Have you lost your poor little mind! Of course I love shopping, isn't that what life is really all about? Oh, yes we all talk the talk about growing veg etc but really we all want stuff, doesn't really matter what it is, we want it! God for Kakdah checking out the bargins.

  2. I actually do not care for shopping....unless it is for plants. :-)
    Love the walking area and benches outside your shopping area.

  3. Once we had dinner at a cafe overlooking beautiful scenery at Alamanda. My son loved the lamb chops so much, now it has become his benchmark. He will say, "not as tasty as the Alamanda lamb".

  4. Hey that's one of my favourite shopping destination. Though I have only been there twice but each time I go there I get to buy something. I like the quietness... I am not sure whether it is still so quiet. The bowling alley is something my husband and friends enjoy while the girls go shopping! And I love bargains like Kakdah! Anything more than 50% discount is a must check!


    Huh, most seem to love shopping..., always go for better bargain. Alamanda is always quite, a little bit busy at weekends and "pay" time. So Belle's son benchmarks alamanda's lamb chop!!


  6. Sure I love shopping.... but in the Indian bazaars! Great pix though - they certainly tell the story!

  7. I enjoy browsing more than shopping! That keeps my pockets intact!! Nice to have a wander around and have a look -see.

  8. Yes, sometimes I love shopping but not when there are crowds. I go early morning if I can.

  9. > The galloping gardener
    > Keats
    > Rosey

    Shopping is very much like ECOtherapy as Carrie of "Grow your own" been mentioning. But that ECO isnt ecology here, instead it is ECONOMY.... like fishing, toying around with baits. Shopping is toying around with money in the pocket. Buy or not, the choice is definitely ours, but the fun is the same... huh!
    Have Fun

  10. At first, I thought you were talking about the Allamanda with 2 ls.

  11. Prospero, alam is world and anda is you or yours in our language . So alamanda is like "your world".... thats what it is all about. Come and jump into your world with pocket full of money of course!!

  12. Do you and Autumn Belle live near each other?

    I've been told (by a lot of people!) that Malaysia is a great place to visit...

  13. Thanks WENDY for the drop and comment. We are not far , an hour drive away I think. You are almost right about Malaysia, a great place to visit. Do come here Wendy, after all SEEING IS BELIEVING!!! ~bangchik


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