Sunday, August 2, 2009

Flowers of Durian.


As we walk down the road
towards Kampung Dato Bakar Baginda
early in the morning,
we stumble upon these

A very rare morning exercise meets with some rare flowers.

the durian tree

Durian is the king of fruits
in Malaysia.


  1. The flowers look so exotic and gorgeous, but I'm they also have a sweet scent?

  2. So is the flower as 'smelly' as the fruit? I actually like durian but have seen people holding their noses while

  3. I was going to ask the same as Rowena, interesting flower.

  4. I heard that it smells like hell and tastes like heaven LOL. Never seen not tasted this fruit.

  5. This is the first time I see a durian flower. It is actually very beautiful. Since it is white, is it fragrant?

  6. Just had durian last night and ended with a sore throat this morning. Quite costly in Keningau, but I heard durian is quite cheap there. The first time I see durian flower, how interesting.

  7. Just be careful for the durian to drop onto your head. You are no Newton to find a new law. lol.

  8. > Rowena
    > Lynn
    > Janet
    > Islandgirl
    > Belle
    > Fjl
    > Rainnie

    Ok... since everyone knows the kind of smell durian has, lets touch on its smell or scent. As we were walking under the durian tree, it wasn't the smell that attract my attention, but the flowers lying on the ground. No substantial smell or scent at all!! ... I wasn't having flu then. My smelling sensory organ working fine at that moment.... haha.

    The flowers look really exotic. They way, stigma protrude out is stunning. I was imagining how such exotic flowers end up as large thorny fruits best known as DURIANS. I love durians, the smell and the taste.... exquisite!!!!

    I don't blame those who regard the smell as awful and shun durians.... My eldest son, Yop never like durian. The eldest and the littlest love durians just like Mom and Dad.

    Fruit season in Malaysia which fall sometime middle of the year will be a fiesta!! ... But doctors and clinics have recognized the pattern long time ago, about people coming in with slight rise in temperature and sore throat.... So Orang Keningau will definitely understand the aftermath of fruits feast!!

    That tree is at the stage of flowering, no fruits visible. So no fear of fruits falling on my head, Rainnie my friend... haha.

    Cheers, lets give durian a try!!!!
    ~ bangchik

  9. Oooh, I'd love to give it a try...some day! The flowers are exquisite!

  10. > Kanak Hagjer
    Sure you can give a try... acquire the taste first, get used to it, then after a couple of try, there is no stopping!! ... Beware of Lynn's warning about closing your nose... haha.

    ~ bangchik


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