Monday, August 31, 2009

Yellowish Orange for marigolds

Marigolds at upper end of veggie bed burst into yellow and orange dots. The plants are getting very heavy and with soft soil, strong gust of wind may just topple them down.




Marigold flowers and leaves
do have special smell....

How would we describe marigold's smell?


  1. Marigolds are very cheerful, bright flowers. The double ones are especially attractive.

  2. Marigolds are always so reliable. Great blooms.

  3. I learn their names one by one each day. It is better in this way than knowing more new girl friends.

  4. Your photos are awesome! I have trouble taking photos of marigolds, probably because I don't do it when the lighting is best for them. I get a lot of reflections off the yellow, especially.

  5. I love marigolds. They're so cheery with their bright colours. As for their smell, I don't really know how I would describe it, but I don't particularly like it.

  6. lovely blooms. they are flowering on top right now and are last flowers before the fall plantings. their smell hhhm..... okay :P

  7. Kakdah & Bangchik, Happy Merdeka 3x to both of you too!!! I really hope my hibiscus will survive till 2010 :-D I love your marigolds (both colours!) too. They are so lovely. Last week, most of my ready flowers got sunburnt so I have no beautiful flowers in my garden for the next few weeks :-( Nonetheless, enjoy the holiday ok!

  8. EASYGARDENER and JANET, thanks. Marigolds are awfully nice and pretty but in the league of roses. Very dependable and friendly.

    RAINNIE, what can I say. Marigold is too ordinary for you to remember. Bet the girls are always special to you.. haha.

    SUE, I prefer morning to take photographs when petals and leaves are fresh. Reflection is minimum at such time.

    JO, I have to agree with you how difficult it is to articulate about smell and scent.

    KHABBAB... Nice to have seasons in your place, with fall etc. Here season is one hot humid throughout the year, punctuated by hot spells and rains.

    STEPH, do take care of the new hibiscus... Surprisingly you choose yellow, influenced by my yellow marigolds may be?... haha.

    Cheers everyone, Today, Malaysians are celebrating the 52nd National Day so the shout is Merdeka 3 times.
    ~bangchik and kakdah

  9. Ah to describe the smell of marigolds? Unique, one of a kind and a happy smell-the smell is keeping insects away!

    Love that coleus in the post below. It does look like a rooster's comb. It too is unique.

  10. Lovely photos! I love marigolds. Last year I gathered 3 coffee cans full of seeds. I planted them all around the flower and vegetable beds and now we have bushes of marigolds. The funniest thing is that I threw the old plants after the frost into the woods. Now I find patches of marigolds growing there - they seeded the woods - so beautiful!!

  11. Bangchik, your marigolds look perfect! or is it due to your excellent photography skills? My marigolds' heads are getting too heavy and they are drooping before they dry off. I don't know why they are behaving like that.

    Bangchik and Kakdah, Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan Malaysia!

  12. I see now your collection of flowers increases ... lovely!

  13. Banchik,
    The scent of marigolds reminds me of being a kid, not sure why.
    Your photos are superb!

  14. > Tina
    > Jeanne
    > Belle
    > Blossom
    > Rosey

    TINA and ROSEY tried to describe marigolds smell. It is awfully difficult I agree. But when marigolds remind Rosey of being a kid, it got me thinking... there is a faint smell of new baby in marigolds.. yea?

    Yes JEANNE, marigolds has strong survival elements in seeds. But 3 coffee cans is a lot!

    BELLE, marigold is beautiful... seldom recognised because of its ordinaryness... My excellent photography skills?.. Huh, I just hover around flowers like a bee ( a male bee!) and stop when the view is at its best and then click the shutter.

    BLOSSOM.., Not many. I reserve the time and space for veggies. Having small collection of flowers like ours, give me real space and time to scrutinise, probe and appreciate their behaviour, growth and beauty.



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