Monday, August 3, 2009

Quartet on veggie plot.

There is a space what used to be filled by spinach, choy sum and pak choy. After weeks of recuperation, the soil is ready for new plants. Egg plant, the only one germinating has been there a few days earlier, leaving the pot, enduring the true test of nature. Basils are transfered from reseeding seedlings around the mother plant. The sunflower is the only one germinating out of 8 seeds. So, this time round, I will be watching two sole survivors, an egg plant and a sunflower.

I just frame them up in a quartet kind of arrangement. I just hope they will support one another. On the same bed, roselles are doing fine. and the closely packed marigolds are fighting against one another for better sight of the sun.

one brinjal, one sunflower and two basil

[it better be sunflower!]



  1. I hope nothing comes and eats them. It is often what happens here when I have only one or two plants!

  2. Every year I plant a whole packet of about 100 sunflower seeds, but only end up with about 5 actual flowers. I guess the birds eat them. (I try to just be thankful for what I have - but really only 5%?!. Best of luck with the plant babies!

  3. I am germinating some sunflower seeds too. After almost 1 week, there is still nothing from the whole packet of 8 seeds. Last time, I successfully germinated 6 seeds, 3 made it to adult and flower stage but I only have 1 photo of my sunflower bloom which I use as a wall paper for my handphone. So far, not enough evidence to write a post on for blotanical.

  4. Thanks EasyG for the warning..., I will babysit them with extra caution, love and care. Basil and brinjal will grow fine I think, but I am really worried about the sunflower... hmmm, thats the first attempt and the one and only in the plot.

    JGH, you really pacify my ongoing worries, why don't sunflower seeds sprout in my garden... 5 % success rate is extremely low..

    At least Belle you had seen one blooming right in front.. and what a sweet gesture by placing them as hp wallpaper.

    Huh, a real suspense having SOLE SURVIVORS in the garden.


  5. Hi Bangchik! How are you this week? Gardening is so fun right? Plants can really make you feel for them so much. I hope your 'sole survivor' will grow healthily and even bloom soon :-)

  6. > Steph..

    The week is too hot for me. Gardening is only fun early in the morning and just before sun goes down.... Sole survivor require my full and special attention.. haha. I think they will go through.

    ~ bangchik


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