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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

As the day ends.

curtain of the day
silver in the sky


and how's the day in your place?


  1. Beautiful post!
    It's sunny, hot, and a little hazy in Seattle area today. I hear relief from our heat is on the way later this week. Yay.

  2. It's been sunny day here in Southern-Finland. It's been good day. I'm going to sleep...


  3. Over at my place, it started beautifully with clear skies, then by mid-morning it was once again enveloped by some haze. That's a beautiful sunset. It's wonderful how the sun says bye-bye to us by blushing in the sky.

  4. yours is lovely...mine --HOT!

  5. It has been hot in the afternoon only. Morning has been quite nice with some clouds hiding the sun :-)

  6. > Aerie
    > Kaija
    > Belle
    > Janet
    > Steph

    It was fairly clear. Haze was cleared by short rain, but haze will always come back, blocking vision substantially...

    Sunset is always beautiful, clear or hazy. Sunrise on the other hand lack the spectacular silvery sky, but the morning music of birds and insects are pleasing..

    Have Fun,
    ~ bangchik

  7. Well right now it's 2:30pm and sunny. Such a nice change of weather after the rain on Monday. As a matter of fact, I was so happy for the nice weather that I mowed the lawn, pruned a few shrubs and pulled some weeds this morning!

  8. > Rowena

    Oh good, rejoicing over a better weather by mowing the lawn and doing other chores... Over here I really wait until the sun well hidden behind the trees to water the plants.

    Hope for a better day

  9. Such a lovely sunset! Did you see that I posted a sunset today too? They are one of my favorite things!

  10. > Msrobin

    Many regard sunsets as beautiful... I have visited your blog and your sunset. Very nice!! ~bangchik


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