Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wild banana second flower.


second flower this year

just appear


  1. It is wonderful when suddenly the elegant flower stalk emerges and then the Bananas form. It is such a useful, beautiful plant. The bought ones from the supermarket are never as nice as the home-grown. We grow a shorter Banana so it is easier to harvest. It usually gets top heavy and has to be supported with wooden props.

  2. Thats Fabulous! Wish I could grow that.

  3. Several years ago we had a small clump of bananas on one of the plants, but late in the season and not edible; nonetheless, we were delighted.

  4. Bangchik, this tree is so productive! Do you use the flower for something or cook? Have a great day!

  5. I've just been catching up with your blog as I've been away on holiday for a couple of weeks. I really enjoyed your posts about Florida2009. I've been to a couple of flower shows this year. It's really good to be able to see so many different flowers in one place all at the same time. It looks like you had a great time.

  6. That is fascinating. I've never seen a banana flower before or all the little tiny fruits. Great pictures. Val

  7. Your banana plant looks as tall as a double storey house. Bangchik, do you think that it is possible to grow a banana plant in a container?

  8. Thanks evryone for the visit and comments.

    These bananas are not meant for the fruits. More for the flower and leaves. Flower to be boiled and consumed as salad. Leaves to wrap fish for BBQ....

    The plant will bear fruits and soon wilt and die......



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