Saturday, June 12, 2010

Seberang Perak, where sea is green.




  1. All that lush green has me wanting to visit the gardens again today and I was just there yesterday :D Beautiful photos

  2. Love the green and the photos of the dragonfly are fantastic.

  3. That's a beautiful view of paddy plants! Love the dragonfly too!

  4. What a beautiful dragonfly! So different from those I've seen here.
    Great pictures of the paddy; my favorite is the last one, with the expanse of paddy, mountains, sky/clouds, and trees on the horizon. Stunning!

  5. Poetic Shutterbug ~ they are green for 2 months or so, then baby rice will emerge on long stalks. By then the sea changes to yellow and gold.

    Ellada ~ the green is not the permanent feature of this stretch of land. Green turns to yellow and then into light brown. Dragonfly is peculiar because it keeps darting away in big circle and come back to the same spot. Photographing them is easy.

  6. AaronVFT ~ the sight of paddyfield is always interesting. But make sure you get at the right moment because the colour changes with time...

    Aerie-el ~that dragonfly is special because it is all golden in colour. The whole paddyfield will stay that way for very long because it is a big farm organised through cooperative. In other part of the country, especially Kedah, plots are individually owned, so changes do appear, and very so obvious if the owner is granted permission to build houses...


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