Thursday, June 17, 2010

After effect of termite treatment on papaya

papaya and termite

Termites attack hurts both papaya tree and myself. A click on termites attacking papaya plant.
, will see the extent of attack and the way I deal with it. I really don't wish to get too involved with the way Nature impose death on plants and trees. But this is too hurting to see healthy papaya tree being bored by termites. After a week or so, the stem is showing every indication that the dateline has been fixed, and death is imminent.

I really don't want to meddle with life and death the way Nature wants it to be. I am just a gardener... ordinary and insignificant. But i do enjoy every little slice of ripe papaya, and few plants surely enjoy the shade provided by the exotic foliage of papaya.

the trunk of papaya

We know so little about plants and pests, 
and what nature has in store
for their existence 
within the perimeter of 



  1. Oh dear! I'm so sorry about your papaya. Those termites are nasty pests, but I suppose you're correct that we only see things from our own perspective.

  2. Very interesting pictures, it's so hard to know if/when it's time to intervene...

  3. Poor tree. I know it's what Nature intended, but I'll still exterminate pests since they waste my plants!

  4. This is really a sad ending! Termites are really nasty pest!

  5. Oh, my.. that's not looking good. i hope it wont kill the papaya. I love papaya too and I am planning to plant one.

  6. Kimberly ~ The plant is about to fall.

    Rebecca @ In The Garden ~ nothing much i can do now...

    AaronVFT ~ the reality of life and death. Like aging people, with death too near to realise.

    Malar ~ nasty to us yes, but in the wild, bears will look for termites as snacks.

    eden ~ good luck to your papaya.., it must have adequate space to grow.


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