Monday, June 21, 2010

Putrajaya Botanical Garden: When the feel is dense

a specie of Pokok Ara

a nice hangout for ghosts ,
we were told as children decades ago.


aerial roots 
of mengkuang

Buddha belly bamboo

Kaklong, my eldest sister came down to Putrajaya last week with the rest of her family. She insisted on seeing Putrajaya Botanical Garden with her own eyes. Yeop and Adik drove the whole group around 5.30pm. I didn't join the excursion, but as I flick through the photographs captured by Adik, i thought some photos are defining the feeling of being dense...



  1. What sort of fruit is that in the top picture? What family of fruit? apple? guava? Matron is interested in all things edible!

  2. All these plants are so exotic for me. You live in paradise, Bangchik!

  3. The first photo, the fruits can makankah? When I was young and traveled up the Rejang river, we see a lot of these and wish we could eat them. Along a road in NTU in Singapore, there is a tree, reminding me of my childhood in Sarawak.

  4. Fabulous aerial roots!!!! How amazing...

  5. Ha ha ghost... :-D I heard about that too! There is ghost in banana tree also. You have one right? So becareful... ha ha...

    Those aerial roots are quite extraordinary.

    Nice garden and feels natural. Thanks for the pictures.

  6. Lovely photos! I've seen the most of them here. Buah Ara = Figs right?

  7. I invite you to register at and share some of your experiences with our community of nature lovers. You can cut and paste from blogspot if you wish. The report will be published under your name and you can link it to your post too..

  8. Matron ~ the tree is pokok ara, in the big family of fig. I have eaten them before not raw but cooked as add-ons in curry. Meaty taste....

    Tatyana@MySecretGarden ~ Putrajaya Botanical Garden is a sample of the real paradise. The best and the true real paradise is in the jungle, but how many has the opportunity and courage to walk through the real one....

    Ann ~ the first one can be eaten. But has to be cooked first... So many things can be eaten actually. Have you heard the middle part of banana stem can be eaten too ?

  9. Dirty Girl Gardening ~ the plant is of pandanus specie. Known locally as mengkuang. So many types can be found in Malaysia. the bigger roots can be as big as our hands.

    Stephanie ~ ghosts?... so many little stories for children. Never heard, ghosts like banana tree as their hangout... haha...

    AaronVFT ~ Buah Ara is in the big family of fig. Most grow by the riverside. The ripe fruits will fall off into the river, and very much welcome by the hungry fish. In the younger days I have used buah ara as fishing baits with some success.

  10. IndianWildlifeClub ~ thanks for the invitation. Let see what i can contribute to the IndianWildlifeClub. Gardening remains as my hobby.., but I am not too knowledgeable with Wild Life in general.

  11. gambar atas skali...buah ara sungai..... banyak tumbuh di tebing sungai.


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