Monday, June 14, 2010

Bitter gourds are blooming and fruiting.

bitter gourds

It was early in the morning just around 7.45am. The sun had waken up, blinking and hiding behind houses. I was about to make a move to the office.  Light is not enough to capture bitter gourds well, for the sleepy sun had not opened up its eyes fully.  Lately, the office is going through its toughest phase, thus requiring me to get home late.I decided to capture the progress of bitter gourds at that very moment. It's now or never.

The plants had grown up and rest on top of the trellis. Flowers were emerging, some had developed baby fruits in its elemental stage. Some flowers are males, thus lacking the bulging stalks. It really warmed Kakdah's mood, to see plants maturing and ready to give birth. It is much quicker than anticipated.

the plant resting on top of the trellis

baby bitter gourd with flower at its end.

baby gourd with flower wide open.
 baby gourds

flower had dried up, and the fruit will continue to bulge.

 the sterile flower.

the sterile flower

 baby gourd



  1. Dear Bangchik, Along with so much of what you write,this is another plant that I have never grown and know little about. The pale lemon flowers look very attractive. I wonder what delicious meals the gourds provide you with?

  2. Hi, they look great, I've never grown gourds so I'll be interested to see how they develop.

  3. Very cute baby gourd. I will have to check back and see their progress.

  4. Nice! This is the first time I see bitter gourd flowers!

  5. fascinating to watch your baby gourds growing....

  6. You always seem to make poetry of your plants through your photography Bangchik... and your poetic prose is lovely. May your gourds have an easy birthing. ;>)

  7. This is Amy, I saw your email on your website and thought about taking a chance to show you this article:
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  8. Hahaha, i love eating bitter gourds also, we call it ampalaya here. These are proven to be good for people with diabetes, so the country is exporting a lot of ampalaya capsules. We sautee the x-sectinally sliced fruits, put onions, garlic, tomatoes and egg. But the ampalaya must not be overcooked, so it has to go in last. Hmmm lovely with fried fish.

  9. Edith Hope ~ thanks, bitter gourds are special, the leaves are beautiful, their tendrils are forever searching, the fruits are exotic. The fruits seem to get bigger everyday.

    Damo ~the fruits are quick to make their presence felt. Do visit for more updates.

    teresa ~ they look cute for the moment. Soon they turn exotic!

    AaronVFT ~ After a while we begin to learn that plants of the same family, produce flowers of the same colour; gourds, cucumbers and pumpkins..

  10. hazeltree ~ gourds are quicks. it wont be too long before they mature...

    Carol ~i love the experiential learning through gardening. Poetry is something i love so much but never good at.

    Amy ~ thanks Amy, i will check it out..

    Andrea ~so it must the bitterness in gourds that make them effective against diabetes. Malaysians include many other bitter fruits and leaves to treat diabetes. The menu you just mentioned are typical of the way kakdah's specialty.



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