Thursday, June 3, 2010

bittergourds are reaching out.

two bittergourd plants climbing up.

the tendrils

the exotic looking leaves.
the tiny bud is a hint of readiness to bloom.

the plant is getting higher

The two plants are settling down fine I think. It is now just a matter of time for the flowers to appear. With bitter gourd, it is easy to identify flowers that will bear fruits, because we can see the mini fruit behind the flower bud. I can start counting future earnings now with bitter gourds. We cannot do the same with other plants where fruits will develop after flowering.

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  1. What an attractive trellis, and the spiral tendrils are so charming.

  2. Bitter Gourd is good for our health, it can "cool" our body.

  3. Maria, masih tercari-cari idea, macam mana nak buat trellis utk pokok buncis dgn timun yang Maria dah semaikan, anak pokok dah tinggi juga, tunggu nak alih ke batas... idea bangchik ni best juga, tapi mana nak cari batang kayu tu ye?

    oh ya... jemput juga ke blog tanaman Maria, baru buat :) =

  4. Hello,
    Bitter gourd, it's the first time I see this fruit.

  5. hated it when I was young, when love it when I grew up. Trouble it it is too expensive here.

  6. Rebecca @ In The Garden
    Trellis is made of slender bamboo.. lightweight.

    Yes rainnie, to cool it off with bittergourd is a bit different from a dip into a pool.

    Cari buluh dan bina satu macam itu. Jengah2 dikampung jika ada. Tanya kawan2 yang kampungnya masih ada buluh. Potong dalam 5 kaki untuk masuk dalam boot kereta... macam tu la.

    wait for a while longer, the plant will produce fruits...

    Thanks, they seem to responding to your request and are growing well...

    Sorry to hear about bittergourds being expensive in your place.. do come to putrajaya for good bittergourd dinner!

    have a nice day

  7. masih belum se-kreatif BangChik n KakDah :)

  8. ejaMaria ~ bantai je...., kreativiti bermula dengan hentam2 dan bantai2.... belum cuba belum tau.


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