Thursday, June 24, 2010

When male shows beauty.

the flower of a male papaya plant

the flower of a male papaya plant
 The last visit to our eldest daughter's house was greeted by a papaya plant flowering. I remember those plants grown as babies. All look very much indentical. Half way through to maturity, they start to show their true colour. At her garden, a plant shows this flowers, but the rest are showing their ability to produce flowers which end up as little fruits. We call papaya with fruits as females and the those as in the picture as males. Statistically there are more female papaya plants as compared to males. Our daughter has gone into details. She is now able to pick seeds that will end up as females and throw away the seeds of males. It lies in the colour. That's what she said....
I have come across a few plants 
which show these dual sexes make-ups. 
and males are no less beautiful. !!.....


  1. This is the best blog post name, ha-ha! You tricked me.
    The flowers are pretty, indeed! Your daughter should be a good gardener, just as her father!

  2. My mum says,"Ah Ya!!!! a useless male."

    We always had papaya trees.

  3. So there are more female papayas than males. If only nepenthes were like that since there are more male Tropical Pitcher Plants than females!

    The flowers of the male papaya is still lovely!

  4. Tatyana@MySecretGarden ~ sorry tatyana for the trick. You may be expecting something else.. haha. The daughter is showing interest in gardening but a little bit tied up with her two little ones..

    Ann ~ My own mother always retain the plant if it turn out to be male. She picks the flowers for ulam or salad. The flower has to be cooked first to reduce the bitter taste.

    AaronVFT ~ Nature has its own secret on the proportion of males and females....


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