Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Harvesting home-grown cabbages.

 Menuai hasil tanaman kubis di Malaysia

the four cabbages
pictured on a dinner plate, 
so that will give a fair idea 
about the actual size of each cabbage.

the four cabbages
on a lighter colour tone.

What sold at the market are a lot bigger. Farmers with years of experience should be able to grow and harvest large and beautiful cabbages. In Malaysia, cabbages are normally grown in the highlands where the weather is cooler and thus promotes growth in its natural environment. Home gardening at low lying area like Putrajaya requires simulation of a cooler environment. So the pots are permanently placed by the side of the house away from the direct sunlight.

After months of waiting, both of us decided to call it a day, we cut off the cabbage head. They are not very big but they warm our hearts in a big way. The anticipation of what is going to come out of growing cabbages for the first time paid off. The shining leaves are so lovely...

A few details
Seeds bought:  28th of February 2010
Seeds germinated: the very same night, 28th February 2010
First Posting on Cabbage: Wednesday, March 10, 2010 Playing with cabbage.
Cabbage Life before harvest: exactly 4 months

I may try cabbage again next year, 
but for the moment there are cucumbers and bitter gourds 
crying for attention.


  1. They are small but look so delicious. I love cabbage especially in salads along with spinach to replace lettuce. It's healthy and just tastes better.

  2. I'm happy to see your beautiful cabbages!

    I and my family harvested potatoes in a hot and humid day in a sweat.

    We enjoyed a traditional dish of the potatoes and I believe the sweaty job could make the taste special.

  3. Lovely..that is so wonderfum to grow thme..awesome!! how id love to try! I always enjoy my visits always inspire something unique and wonderful.

  4. Congratulations Bangchik on yr first harvest of cabbages! Im sure they taste delicious n sweet..

  5. wow, your own grown cabbages. How wonderful! Enjoy your cabbages, they must be really tasty and sweet. Have a nice day!

  6. eh... ok la ni... tak besar sangat jadi la baby cabbage... sedap juga... rangup je kan?

  7. I'm so glad you posted the timeline involved in growing them. I planted some cabbage and purple cauliflower seeds the first week of June. Hopefully if all goes well, I'll harvest something in October!

  8. It's interesting to read about the challenges facing you growing something we take for granted in the UK. We then are envious at the things you manage to grow that we can't!

  9. Congratulations, they look great. I tried twice but the insects won the largest part of the crop both times. They say "third times the charm" so maybe I will try again next year.

  10. Poetic Shutterbug ~ cabbage offers crunchiness, and we can almost bite and feel it. Lettuce can't offer that.

    takaeko ~ you are right about food taste better after a sweaty job. But some argue that the urge to eat and drink is fully developed after a strenuous work. Then any food taste good in such circumstances.

    Kiki ~ thanks kiki if this blog inspires you somehow.... Like any other adventures, there is a need for that push factor, INSPIRATION. I feel the same by visiting your blog and others as well.

    Joanne ~ I took a leaf out and the taste is as good as those from the market. It definitely is cabbage.. haha..

    p3chandan ~ thanks.., to tell you frankly, i never imagine cabbage can be grown in Putrajaya, before I finally cut the cabbage off..


  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. my little potted garden ~ They are crunchy and sweet. You should try growing it...

    ejaMaria ~ macam kobis segar yang lain, sentiasa rangup dan manis.

    Rowena ~ It took 4 months here, it could be shorter in your place.. good luck to your cabbage and purple cauliflower.

    Green Lane Allotments ~ It is challenging to grow vegetables from cooler climate. But condition can be simulated.

    AaronVFT ~ yes, we can almost eat them raw...

    Doc ~ thanks. The containers are placed beside the house, away from the playing field of insects. I almost babysit them, the four cabbages... haha.

  13. Those cabbages germinated very quickly for you. I hope they were tasty!

  14. Rosey ~ they are tasty. I wish I have garden in cooler climate, so cabbage will be bigger there... haha.

  15. Another good job :-D syabas!

  16. Stephanie ~ steph.., terima kasih. Siapa sangka kobis boleh tumbuh tepi rumah ~bangchik

  17. wow Cabbage in Putrajaya! That's great! They look so fresh and yummy! Looking fwd for cooked cabbage pic!

  18. Malar ~ haha ... who would believe cabbage would grow in Putrajaya. Cooked cabbage?... i got to check with kakdah first.

  19. alahaiii sedapnya tgk kobis tu bang chik..
    ni buat saya bersemangat nak start berkebun nie.

  20. Yuzie amir.... Di alam semula tumbuhan mampu hidup sendiri. Usaha tanam sendiri selalunya menjadi dan tidak rugi. Cuma ada masanya kita berebut dengan serangga dan perosak yang lain. Bangchik.

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