Saturday, June 19, 2010

My caged tomato and its companions

our caged tomato

the tomato hanging nicely


The tomato plant never felt hindered by the presence of cage. It grows and shoots out of the cage mouth. A few fruits dangle nicely on tough stalks. The bed is full of plants and each is brushing and elbowing the other for another inch of breathing space. Marigolds being the majority, really grab the advantage and show their prominence. Their green foliage is becoming even greener.
Their differences are becoming very obvious; tomato are producing nice little fruits in the top half portion of the plant whereas  radishes are showing their big bulbs half hidden at the bottom of the plants.  
Marigolds will continue growing until they get tired and get too old that yellow flowers will come out
probably as a standard item preparing the death bed of the mother plants.  
Peanuts are growing steadily and these plants are most secretive,
hiding all the nuts or fruits underground...  
Zinnia is as lovely as ever, putting up the most exotic dance with its fashionable purple
colour each time little breeze comes.
The four ulam rajas are the most civilised specie,
bringing the foliage together like a cone as the sun slides down,
covering the secret of growth away from midnight pests and ghosts

But our caged tomato is like the king, 
towering over the rest, 
showing off their fruits.



  1. Thanks for an inspiring update, Bangchik! Our tomatoes just went in their cage and are looking mighty proud. They're just starting to flower here in Manitoba, Canada.

  2. Your tomato looks nice, Bangchik! With other plants around, it looks very ornamental!

  3. Hi Bangchik, your tomatoes look to be at the same stage as mine. They are king indeed and will be elevated even more once those maters turn red-won't be long now.

  4. What a splendid idea to keep ferns in pots. Funny that I never thought about that! Next project in my gardenpots:-)
    Greetings from STOCKHOLM!
    Have a nice weekend! H.

  5. Bangchik, nature will find its way no matter what !

  6. It is so nice to grow companion plants together. You have just reminded me that I need to plant something underneath my tomato patch as the soil is just bare. I think I will cover it in colourful rainbow chard.

  7. Getty ~ good luck to your tomato over in Canada. We don't have specific gardening season... we can just grow again and again...

    Tatyana@MySecretGarden ~ yes, being close to zinnia and marigolds, tomato behave like an ornamental plant...

    tina ~ you are right, the king will be crowned soon... red crown!

  8. Trädgårdsmakare Hillevissan ~ the beauty of ferns in pots can be enhanced by hanging them...

    KL Vegetable Garden ~ nature do have multiple choices.... The game is about achieving equilibrium...

    Matron ~ I dont suppose plants mind much about having companions. Nature will trigger the full potential in plants, about the will to survive, about fighting for space and nutrients for the roots, and space for sunlight for the leaves. Probably they fight as well, who will seduce bees and butterflies better...

    have a great weekend.

  9. I'm happy to see your tomatoes are well-grown!!

    I believe it's important we have to add fertilizer in order to get good-taste tomatoes.

    Today I gave organic fertilizer mixed with powdered oyster shell and fermented cow manure.

    What kinds of fertilizer do you use in your garden?
    I like to have everyone's opinion.


  10. takaeko
    Generally, fertilizer used is organic, poultry biproduct. They are cheap, improve the soil tremendously but the effect is a little bit slow.... On top of that I treat plants with foliage liquid fertiliser sprayed once a week. That too is organic based.


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