Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Unusual sunrise.

a sunrise over putrajaya

a sunrise

It was early in the morning, just before 7am. The street light was at the last few minutes. The sun had just waken up in the east. As I opened up the door to the porch which faced west, the cloud and the whole sky was in teasing display. I seldom come across such a view, early in the morning. There was fiery  mood at the base of the heavy clouds

putrajaya malaysia


  1. Salam bangchik/kakdah...
    Teramat la cantiknya...suka tumpang tengok gambar2 langit yang selalu ada kat sini... timakasih berkongsi pemandangan yang indah dari putrajaya.. :))

  2. Wow! what an amazing photo. Did you have a thunderstom on the way?

  3. Ellada ~ They are beautiful, but they fade quickly...

    fzi ~ langit sumber inspirasi!

    Matron ~ we havent got thunderstorm for quite some time..



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