Monday, June 7, 2010

Geese antics, Sitiawan.

We went back home to Sitiawan again over the weekend. Primarily, it was for the wedding of Kakdah's cousin. It is not the wedding itself that will feature here for today's post, but the antics of four geese locally known as angsa, right at the front of mother in law's house.

1. four geese running away

2. four geese showing their antics

3. two geese

4. two geese

5. two geese

6. two geese

7. two geese 

8. two geese  

9. two geese 

10. two geese 

11.  two geese

12. two geese

Geese can be so elaborate with their necks, bending and stretching at will, to groom and fluff their feathers. They were so absorbed with their morning chores.



  1. I wonder if geese poop as much as turkeys. I'm thinking of switching pets.

  2. Great pictures! Our Canadian geese leave a tell-tail (digestive) sign of where they've been, everywhere! Doesn't look like your geese leave as much evidence!
    I think they're really cute critters in any case.

  3. Beautiful pictures, they seem to be enjoying having an audience.

  4. the geese are doing synchronised dancing. You should video tape it, and they will become famous and never be for the pot.

  5. ~pamsenglishgarden
    A neat presentation by the geese. A spectator equipped with a camera, is enough to set their adrenaline flowing....

    ~Ocean Girl
    They poop in big spray.... I heard snakes shy away from geese poops.

    They do leave behind poops like ducks. But the photographs were taken during grooming session... they poop later i guess. haha.


  6. Rebecca @ In The Garden
    They were really enjoying themselves.

    They look cute, but smell like any other ducks or chickens...

    I guess they strictly follow a certain routine... like dancers.


  7. With their long necks, they can be quite expressive!

  8. Keats The Sunshine Girl
    in Malay, the phrase "leher jinjang" refers to long neck which in a way the feature of a beautiful girl. Geese are like beautiful girls, very expressive!!

  9. I love it, hilarious. They look like they are doing some new dance moves :D

  10. Poetic Shutterbug
    Geese are natural synchronized dancers.

  11. They sure didn't pay attention to you, did they? Pretty self absorbed. I'll have to pay attention the next time around geese to see if ours have necks that flexible.

  12. Corner Gardener Sue
    Very much oblivious to the surroundings. I am very amazed at their flexibility!


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